Rebound Fitness | Jump, Dance And Lose Weight

Rebound Fitness | Jump, Dance And Lose Weight

How many times in childhood, have been bouncing around in bed trying to jump higher, even with the risk of being scolded by parents? Often, for sure! The time passed and today we can jump (without damaging anything, on the contrary – with benefits) to Rebound classes based on a mini-trampoline elastic, music, cardio, toning, weight loss and much good mood.

Rebound AAS – Aerobic Accelerator System is built on the concept of group workout studied and promoted by Jill Cooper – International Trainer, which is based on the simultaneous action of the following forces:

– Gravitational acceleration;

– Weight;

– Deceleration.

First Rebound Hour

Rebound starts … Normally you get nervous. “If I have to fall? Embarrass me in front of everyone?” Well no, not happening. Trampoline has a diameter large enough, and the instructor gives you all the information you need to participate safely.

Knees slightly flexed, torso slightly leaned forward, jumps are executed using leg strength at low altitude.
Choreographies, more or less complex work all muscles of the body, especially the muscles deep (up to 68%). Surface elastic ensure minimal impact on joints, trampoline retaining about 85% of the shock.

Do not know when time passes: in the cardio part of the workout you will get used to the trampoline and jumping, then comes the second part, in which the focus is on toning. Arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, nothing remains uncultivated.

At the end of the workout you’ll feel like a snowflake, but it is possible that the next day you wake up with muscle soreness.

Types Of Rebound Workout

Rebound classes are varied. You will meet:

1. Interval Jump

Intense cardio program based on the alternation of complex choreography, being driven around the muscles of the body by toning exercises for arms, abdomen, thighs.

2. Combat Jump

A program based on the techniques of martial arts, focusing on the upper body. And the effects of exercise are enhanced by jumping on the trampoline.

3. Dance Jump

Probably the most fun of the programs, based on movements in different dance styles, each song having its own choreography, adapted to the elastic trampoline.

4. Total Body Workout

Combines the principles of exercise and functional training AAS. It is no longer focuses on choreography, but fat burning exercises, strength, muscle toning. You can use sand bags, elastic bands, dumbbells.

5. Jump Dance Junior

No children have not been forgotten, there is this program for them. The purpose is to develop coordination, distributive attention, tenderness, creativity.

What You Get With These Jumps?

Besides muscle toning, weight loss, strengthen joints, Rebound will increase your aerobic capacity. It has a role in pumping blood and lymph, helping to eliminate toxins, reduce cellulite and increase metabolic rate.

This workout stimulates permanent the gravity receptors and improves balance and enables you to perform some exercises which on the ground would have a dangerous impact.

The rebound can not attend classes pregnant women and people with spine problems. All others let’s do it! Caution! It is addictive!

rebound fitness

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