6 Ways To Check If You’re Really Healthy (Besides Your Weight)

6 Ways To Check If You’re Really Healthy (Besides Your Weight)

Your BMI, skin, and stamina are some of the things you should pay attention to, besides your weight, to find out if you’re really healthy.

Health is the most precious gift that we have, but sadly, many of us take it for granted. Learn how to take care of it!

Look at the number of obese people and drug addicts. It’s on a constant rise. In such a situation there is a dire need to wake up and realize the importance of health.

There are at least six things you can do, other than weighing yourself, to find out if you’re really healthy. Check them below.

How To Find Out If You’re Really Healthy

Here are a few ways to check if you’re really healthy:

1. Check Your BMI

BMI In Adults

Your body mass index (BMI) can tell a lot about your overall health. It is calculated by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by the square of your height (in meters).

It may sound a bit complicated. An easier option is to find a BMI calculator and calculate it. But again, you will need to know your height and weight.

BMI tells about your fitness level and is considered a reliable indicator of fat in the body.

While it can help gauge a person’s health, it is not used by health professionals to diagnose health issues. BMI is usually used in the fitness industry.

However, it can tell you if you need to lose or gain weight. Here is what this number means:

  • Underweight: BMI under 18.5;
  • Normal: BMI between 18.5 and 24.9;
  • Overweight: BMI between 25 and 29.9;
  • Obese: BMI over 29.9;

Reading your BMI is easy: if you’re not in the normal range, then you’re not really healthy and need to do some changes in your lifestyle.

2. Pay Attention To Your Oral Health

Are You Really Healthy? Check Your Oral Health

Your oral health can help gauge your overall health. In fact, a lot of symptoms first begin to appear in the mouth.

For example, mouth ulcers can be due to digestive issues, which can be due to other serious causes.

Moreover, many dental diseases, such as gum diseases, can lead to serious consequences, if left untreated.

Make it a point to pay attention to your oral health and visit a dentist even if everything appears normal. This is because a lot of issues are usually hidden.

A simple way to check your oral health is to try to eat hot and cold foods. If your teeth feel sensitive then you most probably have an underlying dental issue.

3. Have A Look At Your Skin

Are You Really Healthy? Check Your Skin

Pay attention to the marks that appear on your skin, from acne to blemishes to rashes.

They may be due to several reasons, including hormonal changes and allergy, but are at times a sign of something more serious.

If you see such signs, visit your doctor and get an examination. Most probably these signs are telling you that your body isn’t really healthy.

4. See If You Have Trouble In The Loo

Are You Really Healthy? Check Your Stomach

Your digestive system can tell a lot about your overall health. Constipation, loose motions are both a sign of something serious.

The digestive system is also usually the first system to get hit when the immune system begins to weaken. So pay attention to what our stomach says to you.

5. Check Your Stamina

Are You Really Healthy? Check Your Stamina

A healthy person has good stamina. Doctors say that a healthy person can run for at least 2 kilometers and do 10-15 pushups easily. If you can’t pull this off then you need to work on your health.

So put together a daily running schedule for the next two months and increase the distance gradually every week. In time, you can also increase the speed if you want.

This is a simple way to increase your stamina and get your body back on the healthy side.

6. See Your Breathing Pattern

Are You Really Healthy? Check Your Breathing

A loss of breath is a sign of weak organs or other such issues. If you have difficulty breathing, especially after you walk or climb, then it might be due to a serious health issue.

Heavy breathing can also be a sign of obesity, so try to follow a health-conscious diet to get rid of a few pounds.

No matter what problem you have with breathing, make sure to get it checked by a specialist ASAP.

As you can see, there are many ways to check your health status besides stepping on the scale. So pay attention to all these things that might tell you that you’re not really healthy, or at least not as healthy as you thought.

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