Too Busy For Keto? Try These Quick Keto Fixes

Too Busy For Keto? Try These Quick Keto Fixes

Do you find it hard to stay on the ketogenic diet with your current busy schedule? Then these quick keto fixes will help you out.

One of the things that makes the keto diet difficult is it takes away many of the quick fixes that people rely on with their regular diet.

Most of the quick and easy snacks are taken away when someone restricts their carbs.

From peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to McDoubles to Easy Mac, if it’s something you can throw together in a matter of seconds, it’s likely it’s not going to be keto-friendly.

This article is going to talk about some quick keto fixes that will get you through that bind where you are stuck without a low carb option.

There are days where you are out with your kids or forget your lunch on the counter and are stuck with no backup plan. This will help you in that situation.

Quick Keto Fixes For Dieters On The Go

Almonds are a good keto snack for dieters on the go.

Quick Keto Fixes For Busy Dieters

Here are a few tricks and quick fixes to help you stay on the ketogenic diet even if you’re a busy person:

1. Make Coffee Your Best Friend

Whether you are rolling with black coffee or bulletproof coffee, these are both great options for holding you over until you are able to get to your next low carb meal. Let’s talk about each of these options and why.

Bulletproof coffee is high fat and low carb. If you are on the ketogenic diet and haven’t tried it, that’s a big mistake.

It’s a cup of coffee with heavy cream, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. It might not sound like it would taste good, but it really does.

Depending on how you make it, it contains around 500 calories and gives you an awesome boost of energy. This is something that can get you through three or four hours without your hunger striking again.

Black coffee also is a valuable weapon when it comes to curbing hunger. As you already know, it gives you a shot of caffeine, but it also curbs the appetite for an hour or two.

If you’re on the go and unable to grab a meal, a cup of black coffee can definitely buy you some time.

And if you’re not into coffee? We have some alternatives for you as well.

2. Stay Hydrated

Although, when you’re hungry, a tall glass of water might not be what you first think about when the hunger pain strikes. You will be surprised at how well this works.

When hunger strikes, grab a 20-ounce bottle with water and it will work wonders when it comes to buying time until you can make it to the kitchen.

3. Grab A Bag Of Almonds

While there aren’t many keto-friendly snacks in a gas station or convenience store, you can almost always grab a bag of almonds.

Of all the nuts you can find in a store, these are the ones that are low carb and most filling. Make sure to read the label and confirm they aren’t dowsed in sugar or starch.

A bag of almonds is a great option for the keto dieter on the go.

4. Keto Fast Food Options Do Exist

Most people write off fast food when it comes to finding low carb options. While you don’t want to eat fast food regularly regardless of what diet you are on, there are definitely some quick keto fixes at fast food restaurants.

So what are some of these mysterious keto options that fast food restaurants carry?

One of the easiest options is to grab a burger, have them hold the ketchup and tell them to toss the bun. While this isn’t anything to get excited about eating, it definitely will hold someone over until their next meal.

As far as other options, it depends on which restaurant you are going to. For instance, at McDonald’s, it is an option to order breakfast items a la carte. Wendy’s chili isn’t too crazy when it comes to the carb count.

Something you can do is keep some of the Joseph’s Pitas or Tortillas or Lavash Bread in your car. You can grab a couple bunless burgers and wrap them up. This gives you a very filling and surprisingly tasty option to get you through the day.

One thing worth doing is to download the mobile app of whichever fast food restaurant you are going to. This uncovers the whole menu and allows you to make an order with as many modifications as you want without driving the cashier insane.

What’s a fast food chain that has a surprising amount of low carb options? There are some great keto-friendly choices at Taco Bell, believe it or not! To learn more, check out this Taco Bell keto guide.

Rule No. 1 – Don’t Leave Yourself Hanging!

While the quick keto fixes above will help someone avert disaster, if someone is hoping to have long-term success with the keto diet must prepare.

No one wants to eat nuts or fast food bunless burgers as their lunch on a daily basis. It’s much easier to take a couple of minutes and put something together and throw it in a lunchbox.

As the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

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