Public Health Problems And How To Solve Them

Public Health Problems And How To Solve Them

Public health problems such as chronic disease, viral disease, and obesity are high-risk factors for death across the world. Here’s what we need to do!

Before COVID-19, what was the most prevalent health concern you heard about? Diabetes or heart problems may immediately spring to mind.

Why? Because these are the most frequent health problems observed in the majority of the world’s regions.

That is what the phrase “public health problems” means: the entire amount of issues that impact the majority of humanity worldwide.

A wide range of health issues is contributing to the increased death rate. However, if we’re talking in a general way, we’re just talking about a small percentage cut because situations vary widely.

Some communities lack education and expertise, while some are impoverished; others know but are trapped in an unhealthy manner of living.

We may discover a variety of medical conditions that are the risk factor for death across the world, such as chronic disease, viral disease, and obesity.

Public Health Problems And How To Solve Them

Here, we will discuss these critical public health problems. We’ll talk about what’s causing them and then develop a reasonable and decent solution for how they may be fixed or lessened.

Chronic Diseases

Chronic illnesses have many different subtypes. We see a lot of health concerns that offer a lifetime warning as we talk about diseases that have long-term effects.

Diabetes is one of the most well-known diseases that put us on high alert for the rest of our lives.

We hear that changing one’s lifestyle is a remedy because the major cause is excessive sugar consumption and lack of physical activity. This condition cautions you about your kidneys, eyes, and many other organs for your entire life.

Similarly, the impacts of cardiovascular disease are long-lasting.

However, smoking is the core cause of this health condition that is most widely addressed. Because the chemicals in cigarettes cause blood to thicken, making it difficult for blood to pass through those blood vessels.

Even after being identified as a major contributor to the problem, we don’t observe a significant decline in tobacco and alcohol addiction.

So, what can be done to reduce the incidence of these diseases? One alternative is to raise cigarette and alcohol taxes, which will most likely discourage individuals from purchasing them regularly.

Because mostly what happens is that people start buying it for one day a week, which develops into every day a week, and ultimately a month.

So, first and foremost, these high taxes will make people reconsider whether or not to begin this addiction.

The second thing that may be done is encourage people to exercise and increase physical activity. Maintaining physical health should be emphasized everywhere, from schools to offices.

There should be easy access to a gym or any other form of enjoyable and engaging physical workout such as swimming.

Finally, suppose you are a medical student interested in contributing more to preventing such health problems. In that case, you can consider pursuing a degree that would enable you to become an expert in this field. In that scenario, an online Master of Public health degree is a good option to look forward to.

Parasitic And Viral Diseases

Coronavirus is a fine example of a viral illness. Simply by looking at the name, it is clear how serious and destructive viral diseases may be. Parasitic diseases are nothing less, for example, Malaria.

We’ve been exposed to new viral and parasite infections every day over the years. As time passes, these illnesses get more sophisticated.

The most common factor is filthy environments regarding the root causes of these diseases. As the area grows more crowded and sanitation becomes less of a priority, these health problems are likely to become more prominent.

Furthermore, many individuals refuse even to accept a threat and take no precautions. Making vaccination mandatory everywhere and adopting a sanitary lifestyle are the best ways to reduce the frequency of parasitic and viral infections.

That is what exactly we did at the time of COVID-19. You have been instructed to present your COVID-19 Vaccination card and follow the precautions everywhere you go.

If this is carefully followed with every other important vaccination, we can observe a significant difference.

Most individuals do not plan to have a vaccine injection unless they witness a serious case in front of their eyes. Another reason why individuals do not get vaccines is that it costs them a fortune to take a single shot.

For this reason, the government might assume responsibility for administering free vaccinations to ensure that everyone is protected.

Furthermore, spreading knowledge and informing people about the dangers of certain diseases if they do not adhere to certain health guidelines can be effective. After all, it’s all about ensuring that people are aware of their responsibilities.


Technology may be considered a boon to humanity since it makes life simpler. But in reality, it’s not. We see nothing but a shortcut to everything when we look at the opposite side.

We’ve heard stories about our grandfathers having to walk for hours from school and work to get home. Now, we start the car or use another mode of transportation to reach our destination in a matter of minutes.

It’s convenient, but consider how much physical exercise this technology has robbed us of.

We choose to acquire an expensive automobile and then pay for our gym to work out on that two-wheeler cycle instead of just utilizing it to commute.

Living up to the new era’s standard has become more difficult because it is expensive and we do not live a healthy lifestyle.

It has become necessary to binge-watch episodes on a comfortable sofa after spending 8 hours in front of a computer after a long day at work.

Are you aware of how much it is spent in front of the screen? This tendency has resulted in weight gain, a severe health problem worldwide.

We will not be mistaken if we declare that obesity is the parent of other harmful disorders. It is, and physicians have repeatedly advised again and again doing the same thing to overcome this health condition. That is, increasing physical activity and developing appropriate eating habits. What solutions do we have?

Create a routine, to begin with. Take note of how you will begin and conclude your day. Make a to-do list that includes the number of steps you must walk today, the number of minutes you must exercise, and the time you will eat your last meal.

Second, keep track of what you’re eating. Count your calories and be aware of your BMI (Body Mass Index).

Finally, understand the pros and downsides of anything you’re eating. This self-awareness will aid you much in making sound judgments while considering your overall health.

If any of your self-effort appears to be ineffective, consult a physician who can identify any voids in your healthiness.


Although the coronavirus has received a lot of attention recently, it doesn’t mean that other diseases aren’t still a threat. They may not be given as much attention due to the pandemic, but they still affect many lives.

In different parts of the world, the same diseases manifest themselves differently. One region has the problem of poverty while the other has the issue of excessive luxury.

There has been no positive change in recent years, whatever the case may be. Instead, the conditions are getting much worse.

On the other hand, medical personnel has been trying to save lives since the dawn of time. Unfortunately, they can’t modify everything at once.

We, regular people, have a role to play as well. Everything will turn out in favor if we change our lifestyle from unhealthy to healthy.

In the end, how health-conscious we are and eager to change for the better is all in our control.

If we start today, we can make it much easier for our future generations. They can live a life free of such diseases by passing on no defective genes and instilling a healthy lifestyle as a norm.

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