Top 10 Places To Exercise In Australia

Top 10 Places To Exercise In Australia

Planning a trip to Australia and don’t know where to get in shape? Check out this list with 10 amazing places to exercise in Australia.

According to the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, Australia is among the top ten healthiest countries on Earth. This is thanks in part to how much Australian citizens value fitness and physical exercise.

Whether you’re an Australian citizen or just planning a trip down under, you’ll find no shortage of ways to stay in shape in Australia.

The Best Places To Exercise In Australia

Here are 10 of the best spots for exercising that the world’s smallest continent has to offer:

1. Studio 360 Cycle

Studio 360 Cycle

Located in Adelaide, this studio is on a mission to make cardio and overall strength training accessible.

The stationary bikes are situated on higher ground than the instructor, so everybody has a great view and can keep up with the exercises.

Just make sure to stretch before and after cycling. If you find yourself cramping up or getting sore, consider a massage gun. Here are some popular massage guns in Australia but do some research to find the best one for you.

2. Paramount Recreation Club

Paramount Recreation Club

Located on a hotel rooftop in Surry Hills, this gym and recreation center is gorgeous and chic.

It was founded on three pillars of fitness: movement, strength, and conditioning.

They also sell wellness boxes of delicious food.

3. Hiking On Whitehaven Island

Hiking On Whitehaven Island

You don’t need to have a gym membership to break a sweat in Australia’s beautiful country!

Hike around Whitehaven Beach Overlook and enjoy some stunning views and bird watching.

This could become one of your favorite places to exercise in Australia, especially if you go for a run in the morning. You’ll quickly fall in love with this beautiful place.

4. Fitness Playground

Fitness Playground Is One Of The Best Places To Exercise In Australia

This gym has locations nationwide and is known for its state of the art facilities and fantastic trainers.

Fitness Playground emphasizes community. You’ll want to hang out and make friends at these excellent fitness centers.

5. Fluidform Pilates

Fluidform Pilates

When you enter Fluidform Pilates, you’ll immediately feel more zen gazing at the well lit, high-ceilinged studios.

Then you’ll get right to sweating with their variety of pilates, barre, and small equipment classes.

6. Biking Along Great Ocean Road

Biking Along Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, located on the southeastern coast, is an incredibly scenic place to exercise in Australia.

Grab a bike and feel that ocean breeze on your skin! Just don’t let the beauty distract you from your cycling. Take breaks to soak it in!

7. Tribute Boxing And Fitness

Tribute Boxing And Fitness

This gym is owned by former IBO super featherweight world champion, Will Tomlinson.

It’s a unique take on a boxing gym with a wide range of classes, including group classes and one-on-one sessions.

8. The Bunker

The Bunker Is One Of The Best Places To Exercise In Australia

A boutique studio in Sydney, this gym is designed to look like a bunker, as its name suggests.

Neon lights, metal, and concrete create an exciting and inspiring environment.

Founded by the same people who created Fitness Playground, The Bunker feels like something you’d find in Manhattan.

9. Kayaking And Rafting On The Tully River

Kayaking On The Tully River

The Tully River is a beautiful body of water located in Far North Queensland. Depending on what area of the river you visit, you may find calm waters or raging rapids.

Kayaking is a fantastic upper body workout on calm waters. You can also give white water rafting a go!

10. Surfing At Crescent Head

Top Places To Exercise In Australia - Surfing At Crescent Head

When many people think of Australia, they think of surfing! There is no shortage of amazing surf spots in this beautiful country.

Crescent Head on the Mid North Coast is among the very best for beginners and pros alike.

Surfing is excellent cardio, not to mention a brilliant core workout!

Whether you’re passionate about yoga, pilates, heavy lifting, boxing, or spending time in the great outdoors, the Australia fitness scene has something for you.

Be sure to check out local spots in your area as well. You’ll no doubt find a fantastic place to work out and make new friends.

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