Is Ping Pong A Great Way To Lose Weight?

Is Ping Pong A Great Way To Lose Weight?

Ping Pong benefits go beyond weight loss, helping you stay in shape and keep you mentally and socially sound as well. Let’s see all its benefits!

If you’re a type of person who doesn’t enjoy going to the gym, you’re not alone. While a gym has apparent benefits, helping you lose weight fast and effectively, it really isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Lifting weights, waiting for your turn to use the gym equipment, engaging in small talks while listening uninteresting loud music playing in the background – SO BORING!

But imagine playing an engaging sport with your friends or colleague, maybe go running across a trail while enjoying nature, that sounds more fun, isn’t it?

Not only this freshens up your mind but also helps you burn those sugar calories you picked over the week.

But what if you haven’t played any sport before or are confused which sport to start with? Choose Ping Pong and let me tell you why!

The sport is easy to pick – I mean literally anyone from any age group can play the sport. It is easy on your joints and body. It is competitive, and yes you can lose up to 300 calories per hour of play. In contrast, you shed about 400 calories while doing gym.

In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look as what makes this Victorian-era sport an ideal choice for anyone looking to lose weight or be more physically fit.

Ping Pong Vs. Other Sports/Activities

Don’t just go by our word. There are numerous of other sports where you will be shedding far more calories. But why do we still recommend Ping Pong? Here’s why:

  • Squash – 740 calories/hour;
  • Running – 700 calories/hour;
  • Swimming – 680 calories/hour;
  • Football – 600 calories/hour;
  • Badminton – 550 calories/hour;
  • Tennis – 450 calories/hour;
  • Gym – 400 calories/hour;
  • Ping Pong – 300 calories/hour;
  • Sex – 200 calories/hour.

Above calorie count is based on a typical beginner to intermediate level of play.

So as you can see, playing Squash can help you burn the highest number of calories (740). But Squash is a specialized sport requiring you to purchase specific equipment (racket, shoes, and clothing) and most importantly driving down to a squash court. And, the learning curve is pretty tricky.

Running, you mostly do it alone and isn’t as engaging as other sports. Also, running can be a bit tough on your joints and is not recommended for aged people. Same goes for swimming, which also requires quite a bit of training to get started.

Football is a team activity requiring at least 10+ players to play.

Badminton is a relatively easier sport to pick and as good as Ping Pong, but again, you need to drive down to the nearest court. And most of the indoor facilities are expensive ($20/hour+). Also, the sport is physically demanding and not suitable for aged people.

Next comes tennis, a popular sport which requires extreme levels of stamina and physical prowess. Also, you would need to drive down to the nearest court carrying specific equipment.

So, what makes Ping Pong an ideal sport for casual players looking to lose weight and get in shape?

Ping Pong Benefits

While in Ping Pong you don’t lose as many calories as you would do in other sports, there are a couple of points which you should take into account:

1. Full Body Workout (Lose Up To 300 Calories Per Hour)

Ping Pong supports full-body workout, involving your core and other essential muscles. Additionally, it also boosts brain activity and sharpens your hand-eye coordination.

The ultimate goal of any exercise is to lose calories and flex your muscles. Ping Pong is no different. On average, a beginner or casual player can lose up to 300 calories per hour, while professional athletes shed up to 700 calories per match.

A couple of hours of playing this high-intensity sport every week will ensure your weight remains in check, burning all the non-essential fats.

In contrast, a typical gym session helps you lose about 400 calories. Not much of a difference, isn’t it?

Just remember, when you play, don’t be lazy; otherwise you won’t be losing any weight!

2. Improves Brain Function

While in a gym you just shed weight but in Ping Pong, you not only burn calories but also become more shaper and happier! Ping Pong is a real brain game.

When you chase those fast ping pong balls, your brain quickly responds to each action, making it more receptive and improving brain functioning.

Also, the sport is known to help slow down the effect of Alzheimer among elderly.

3. Social Benefits

Ping Pong is a great way to gel up with fellow like-minded people while engaging in a competitive activity.

In offices, the sport is often seen as a way to break the ice among peers and promote communication and team building.

4. Cheap Equipment

For Squash or tennis, you need to regularly visit the sports center, paying recurring fees every time.

In comparison, you can own a personal Ping Pong table under $500 and get yourself a few paddles (another $100) and a couple of balls.

So in under $600, you can now play the sport right in the comfort of your home and enjoying unlimited hours of fun.

5. Competitive Yet Engaging

Don’t think that Ping Pong is only a recreational sport. Actually, it has been an Olympic sport since 1988. And if you see a professional match, you would be amazed by the level athleticism the table tennis requires. But let’s leave that to the professionals!

At casual to beginner level, the sport can also be very engaging and quite fun to play. There is no one-sided match in Ping Pong, everyone plays and gets involved in one way or another.

6. Relatively Easier To Learn And Pick By All Age-Groups

The beauty of Ping Pong lies in the fact that the sport is very easy to get started with. C’mon it just requires hitting a light ball across the court, how difficult can it be – Right?

Whether it’s a kid or a senior, anyone can get started with sport and even play competitively. Moreover, the learning curve is relatively lower in comparison to Squash or Tennis.

7. Doesn’t Require Specific Clothing Or Equipment

Whether you like to play in your bum chums, with or without shoes, or in your night suit, Ping Pong has no restrictions.

Also, it requires just basic equipment –  Ping Pong Paddles, a couple of balls, and few enthusiastic players.

This makes this sport a popular choice among the recreational group and casual players. This is the very reason you find a ping pong table literally in every resort and startup offices.

8. Almost No Risk Of Injury

Have you heard or seen anyone getting injured while playing Ping Pong? I bet you didn’t because the likelihood of this happening is next to none.

This non-contact sport is light on your body and joints and thus limiting the chance of injury.

9. Low Space Constraints

A regulation size ping pong table occupies the space of 9′ x 5′, and you need a couple of feet on each side to play without feeling constrained.

Compared to other mainstream sports, Ping Pong requires the least amount of space, making it an ideal choice among homeowners and offices.

Ping Pong offers the highest per square feet engagement, not seen in any other sports.

Table tennis health benefits go beyond normal weight loss and that’s the icing on the cake. Playing this sport can not only help you be in shape but also help you be mentally and socially sound as well.

So what’re you waiting for – game on boys! Grab a paddle and lets Ping Pong!

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