Pilates Moves Help You To Strengthen Your Core

Pilates Moves Help You To Strengthen Your Core

Pilates Moves

Pilates moves are similar to yoga moves but with a bit more intensity and with a very different back ground. Joe Pilates founder of the Pilates exercise movement was a prisoner of war and began using his exercise techniques out of necessity. He rigged equipment up from bed springs and taught his exercise methods of stretching the muscles to strengthen them to other detainees.

Before long Pilates became a popular exercise routine among dancers that needed to stretch and pull their muscles to achieve their dancing feats. The spread of Pilates to the US occurred in the 1960’s where Joe Pilates taught his exercise technique until his death at the age of 87. His students continued the movement and are credited with the 11 million followers today of this interesting exercise technique.

They are a great way to strengthen your core and slim down. Pilates moves are very deliberate moves that are focused on the alignment of the spine and pelvis. These moves are the ideal way for someone with chronic back problems to get exercise as well as for anyone that has joint issues.

Warming Up

As with any exercises it is important to warm up correctly. You need to make sure before you get started that you stretch your body (all parts) so that your muscles are not tense and you do not wind up with cramps.

While laying down on your mat you want to stretch your legs and arms and rotate your shoulders and neck so that you are nimble and loose to get the most out of your Pilates work out.

Do You Need Pilates Machines?

A lot of people are concerned that they will not be able to do Pilates moves effectively without a Pilates machine. Of course having a Pilates machine is a great advantage but you do not need one to get the basic moves down and to benefit from them.

As a matter of fact beginners should start with a simple mat or a blanket placed on the floor.

Simple Moves

One Leg Circular- Lay flat on the floor with ankles together and feet pointing upward. Lift one leg at a time with the sole of your foot pointed toward the ceiling. Make circular motions with your foot. Make wide circles than bring them in closer. Switch out legs ever 20 rep.

Muscular Focus Abdominals- Once again lay flat on the floor and slowly raise your legs while you are raising your shoulders. Breath deeply and hold for five seconds. Repeat and increase the length of the hold.

Pilates moves are simple moves that can pay off big!

Pilates Moves

Pilates Moves Video



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