Perfect Texts Gym People Would Actually Love To Get

Perfect Texts Gym People Would Actually Love To Get

You probably get tens, maybe hundreds of texts per day, but they’re not all as great as you would want them to be. Did you thought about what would be a perfect text from your boss, or from your co-worker? Well, I did. So here are 18 perfect texts gym peoples would love to get.

Perfect Text From Your:

1. Co-worker

This post-run selfie was an awesome idea. Your tiny running shorts are definitely not too nerdy for words.

2. Boss

Wasn’t yesterday leg day? Yeah feel free to work from home today.

3. Roommmate

I washed all your shaker bottles!

4. Bootcamp Class Body

You were definitely the fittest person in class this morning just FYI.

5. Yoga Instructor

Nice job at Bikram tonight! No one saw you slip in your own sweat and spill your water bottle.

6. Personal Trainer

Sorry for the late notice but I can’t make our session today. Just take a rest day instead!

7. BFF / Standing Yoga Date

I will literally sweat bourbon if I try to do yoga right now. Brunch?

8. The Dude You’ve Been Eyeballing At The Gym

Didn’t want to be weird by approaching you during your workout, but I was wondering if you would want to maybe grab coffee sometime soon? If not I totally understand, so don’t worry about anything being weird if you can’t / don’t want to.

9. A Trainer At The Gym

Hey sorry I keep interrupting your workouts to pressure you to buy a personal training package. I’m going to leave you alone from now on.

10. Sunday Bike Ride Partner

You’re literally the only person I know who actually looks AMAZING in an all-spandex cycling outfit.

11. Running Buddy

I decided to sign up for the marathon after all. No more solo training runs for you!

12. The Manager At Your Gym

Thank you for letting us know about the weird staring guy who’s been making woman uncomfortable. We believe you, are truly sorry, and have revoked his membership.

13. The Guy Who’s Been Mentally Undressing Other Exercisers

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that my behavior at the gym, toward you and all the people I’ve made uncomfortable, has been totally inappropriate. I objectified you with my gaze and I’m truly sorry.

14. An Instagram Follower

OMG what gym selfie you just posted! Do I see a six pack?!

15. The Friend Who Cheered You On At The Race

Can’t believe that was your first 5K! You did NOT look like a puppy learning to walk for that last half mile.

16. Significant Other

Your running clothes are washed and hanging up to dry and overnight oats are in the fridge. Should be ready before your long run tomorrow. Kisses!

17. Marathon Training Partner

Should we start carb loading basically now?

18. The Friend You Made At The Box You Just Joined

Want to meet up and just talk about CrossFit for a few hours?

Perfect Texts for Gym People

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