How To Choose The Perfect Running Shoes For You

If you want to go for a run, you need nothing more than a comfortable pair of running shoes. You don’t need to join a gym or a club, don’t have to drive hundreds of miles to find a place for running. Just open the front door and start your training. That’s why finding the perfect running shoes for you is crucial.

The Perfect Running Shoes For You

The best place to find the perfect running shoes for your feet is a running speciality store. But don’t worry, if there’s no such store anywhere near you, here are the things you need to consider when choosing the perfect running shoes:

1. Determine Shoe Type

There are four most common types of running shoes: neutral, stability, cushioned and motion controlled. You need to analyze your foot alignment, your arch type and preferred running environment (park, paved road, country road, treadmill etc.) to make sure you get the perfect running shoes for your style.

2. Flex Test

Good flexion is when the toe bends back without being too stiff. Excessive flexion is when the whole front of the shoe bends back for unnecessary flexion.

3. Pronation Test

Here‘s how to take the pronation test:

  • Place a pair of your well-warn running shoes on a flat surface, with the heels on the edge.
  • Bend over to the table‘s height to see which way your shoes lean.
  • Use the picture below to find your type of pronation.

4. Comfort

In the end, comfort is king, so the perfect running shoes are those that feel the best on your feet. They should feel like an extension of your feet when you’re running. So the best way to check this out is to try a quick run inside the store, if there is enough space for this.

The perfect running shoes should last you for at least six months or 500 miles (800 km), whichever comes first, until their midsole and outsole will start to deteriorate. After running for about 500 miles, your perfect running shoes won’t be that perfect anymore. They can even lead you to injury, so buy your next perfect running shoes!


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