Best Outdoor Activities For A Bigger And Fuller Butt

Best Outdoor Activities For A Bigger And Fuller Butt

You can get a bigger and fuller butt without even going to the gym or squatting all day. You just have to pick the right outdoor activities that engage your glutes to the max.

A big butt is the thing at the moment, and rightly so. Big butts are gorgeous. Women should be curvy, they should embrace their bumps and lumps and be able to do so while staying healthy.

But doing squats and lunges for two hours a day in the gym is hardly a fun way of achieving these goals.

As such, we have come up with a list of outdoor activities and sports that will use your butt and legs so much that they will tone them as you go.

But that’s not all, because instead of spending hours in the gym doing the same exercise over and over, these will all require you to enjoy the great outdoors. Now we’re talking, huh.

Best Outdoor Activities For Buttocks

Here are our top 3 outdoor activities that help you obtain a bigger butt without squatting all day long:

1. Climb Your Way To A Bigger Bum

The thing about climbing is, you really need to use your glutes. Your bum gets engaged with absolutely every step of the way, and the more it gets used the bigger it becomes.

But that isn’t all because climbing – and hiking – are also endurance sports, and that means your fitness will skyrocket too. Don’t worry, though, you don’t need to retreat to a secluded mountain lifestyle in order to see these results.

The reason for this is simple; by just running or walking up a steep hill will engage the muscles to your rear – from your buttocks down to your calves.

As a little tip to maximize your Maximus, try squeezing your glutes with every step.

Be careful, because climbing outdoor on a cold whether may require you to wear the best base layer to protect your body from cold. Don’t neglect your health!

2. The Three In One

It doesn’t matter what your definition of a triathlon is, your glutes will grow while your waist gets shrunk. Whether you look at your bottom in the mirror or through your triathlon goggles, you’re still going to see some pretty impressive results.

It could be that you have to cycle a serious distance, which is known to work your butt and thighs in one of the most effective ways possible.

Or you go for a winter triathlon, where you have to get into the spirit of cross-country skiing, a known glute-worker. Then there is the swimming side of it all, which will see your whole body get a serious conditioning.

As a little bit of advice, though, both breaststroke and treading water hit your glutes the hardest; however, they’ll probably hit your time the hardest too.

3. Which Way Is The Beach Volleyball

Okay, so as we all know, squats and lunges are the workouts of choice for anyone that wants their butt to grow. That is where beach volleyball comes in.

Beach volleyball is all about lunging and squatting and moving quickly across the sand and then lunging and squatting some more. It also provides you with an ample full body workout, that will tone your tum and upper-body too.

What’s more, as time goes by and you become more and more improved, and more and more toned, you’ll get to show off your results in those tiny bikinis. What’s the point in having a big butt if you don’t get to show it off?

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