Office Healthy Tips To Stay Fit While Working

Office Healthy Tips To Stay Fit While Working

You spend 8 hours a day in front of computer, office, and this has had an impact on your figure. The lack of free time keep you from going to the gym regularly. Still, no excuse not to take care of your silhouette. There are methods that can be followed even in the office.

Office Healthy Tips

Here are a few office healthy tips that will help you get rid of the fat from the abdomen.

1. Do Not Skip Meals

No, no excuse that the boss has given much to do today and do not allow yourself a half an hour for lunch! Your health is more important, right? In addition, starvation method will not help you lose weight. On the contrary. The body will react to starvation by issuing so-called stress hormones that converts calories into fat. If you skip lunch, you starve and when you are home you just empty fridge. And we know very well that everything eaten after 19.00 is submitted.

2. Simple Exercises Performed On Break

You will only benefit from short and frequent breaks. They will help you to relax, to work more profitably and work your muscles. There aren’t the most effective exercises, but helps. Here are some office healthy tips, some short and easy exercises.

1. Stay behind the seat with your feet together, with your hands supporting backrest. Get up on your toes and flex your leg muscles. Keeping abs tight, back straight and high heels, lower body rotates to the left. Bend the knees slightly and move your body a few inches up and down for one minute. Get off your heels. Repeat the exercise, turning to your right.

2. While you’re sitting on the chair, moving back and try to relax your shoulders. Then concentrate on the abdomen, inhale and exhale as you tighten abdominal muscles as you try to push this area to seat. Stay in this position, breathing easy and count to 10. If you repeat this exercise three times a day, the results will not delay to appear.

3. Kegel exercises can be done easily in the office, without you noticing colleagues. You can tighten your stomach muscles as if to stop the flow of urine for 10 seconds. Try to perform this exercise 3 times per day.

office healthy tips

3. Prepare Your Lunch At Home

You can cook healthy and choose the ingredients when you are home. Opt for salads and avoid buying fast food. Most of these products are high in fat, calories and low in nutrients. Even if this one of the office healthy tips it looks familiar to you, don’t ignore it. It seem that nowadays people don’t know to eat healthy anymore.

4. Opt For Healthy Snacks

A diet rich in blueberries helps to get rid of abdominal fat. This is one of the office healthy tips that has been proved by the researchers at the Center of the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Diseases. They have shown that a diet rich in blueberries helps to get rid of unsightly fat around the waist. It provides protection for the heart and people that suffer from metabolic syndrome. The benefit is given by the phytochemicals contained in blueberries.

5. Drink Water For Smooth Silhouette

Give up sodas and consume as much water. We all know the important role that water plays in the process of weight loss, especially if it is melting the fat around the abdomen. Your body works better when it is perfectly hydrated. In addition, the water increases satiety and helps you eat less.

Extra Tips

Also, so you can stay fit by following these office healthy tips:

  • riding a bike to work;
  • climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator;
  • personally go to colleagues instead of calling on the phone;
  • do breaks and stretch your muscles every half hour;
  • take a walk in the neighborhood to lunch;
  • avoid eating in front of the computer.


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Kneller Fernandes
Kneller Fernandes
7 years ago

Nice article. Another idea would be to get a standing desk or treadmill desk. 🙂