Detecting Hidden Symptoms Of Nutritional Deficiencies

Detecting Hidden Symptoms Of Nutritional Deficiencies

In most cases, an unhealthy diet and a busy lifestyle can lead to some nutritional deficiencies. If you know where to look for and detect the symptom, you can easily combat the problem. To help you with this, we’ve created a list with the most present symptoms of nutritional deficiencies in your body.

How To Detect Nutritional Deficiencies

Note that we used the term “symptoms” instead of “signs”. This is because in medicine, a symptom is subjective, while a sign is objective. Let’s see what are the hidden symptoms of the most frequent nutritional deficiencies:


  • Cold hands means magnesium deficiency, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue with low cardiac output.


  • You need more zinc when there are ridges or white spots on your nails.
  • You need more magnesium when you have brittle or soft nails.
  • You also have general mineral deficiency when your nails are bitten.


  • Stretch marks are symptoms of a zinc deficiency.
  • You need to eat more Vitamin A foods when your skin has follicular hyperkeratosis.
  • Spontaneous bleeds indicate vitamins C deficiency, and sometimes platelet or Vitamin K deficiency.
  • If your palm are yellow you should reduce your beta carotene intake.
  • “Chicken skin” on your arms are often related to essential fatty acid deficiency.


  • You need to eat more foods high in iron when your mouth is pale and fissured. If the fissured tongue is painful, your body needs more Vitamin B3.
  • Vitamin B2 deficiency is the reason your lips are peeling.
  • If your tong is swollen with lateral teeth indentations, you should know that you have food intolerance.
  • You need more Vitamin B2 when your lips are cracked.

Sking Of Face

  • Vitamin B2 deficiency is the cause of greasy red scaly skin on your face.
  • Usually, when a rash appears on your forehead, your body needs more Vitamin B6.


  • Cataracts are telling you that your body needs more chromium, or that it has too many free radicals.
  • Food intolerances and allergies cause dark under eye rings.
  • Your body doesn’t have enough Vitamin B12 when your eyes are blue and you have premature grey hair.


  • When the thyroid is swelling, you need more iodine.


  • Any problem with the heart, including irregular beat, high blood pressure, cardiomegaly: magnesium and Coenzyme Q10 deficiencies and sensitivity to caffeine.
  • High blood pressure, irregular heart beat or any other heart problem means you’re sensitive to caffeine. It also means you have a Coenzyme Q10 or magnesium deficiency.


  • If your calf muscles are tender, you need more magnesium in your body.
  • Brisk knee reflexes are often related to magnesium deficiency.

Did you know that nasal polyps means you have salicylate sensitivity? Me neither, that’s why I shared with you these tips on how to detect hidden symptoms of nutritional deficiencies. It’s your turn to share it further. Stay fit!

Detecting Nutritional Deficiencies

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