Stop Making Nutrition Like A Religion Because It Isn’t

Stop Making Nutrition Like A Religion Because It Isn’t

Today I wanna talk about something that’s been bothering me for the past several months. I noticed that every time I post something related to food of nutrition I get a ton of mails just hating on the way that I eat. People are telling me that:

1. I am unhealthy;

2. I am a terrible role model for eating too little calories, too many calories;

3. I eat too clean;

4. I really don’t know the understanding of true clean eating, etc.

Hold on a second! When did your way become better that my way?! I am all for learning, understanding and making wise decisions for my own life and my own body which is very different that your body. So why do you feel that it’s OK to prays the way that you eat and say that my way is absolutely wrong?

What really bothers me is that I am seeing that this healthy living community is breaking off into this little cults that simply do not want to accept one another’s views and ways of eating. There are:

  • the clean eaters;
  • if it fits your macros;
  • vegans;
  • raw vegans;
  • Paleo people;
  • gluten free people.

Reading the comments from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I am seeing and feeling this rise of religion in the healthy eating community. What I don’t see is people wanting to simply share information to generally help other people. I see people imposing their beliefs on me and other people who simply don’t eat like them.

Nutrition is NOT a religion!

You gotta STOP it! Stop making nutrition like a religion because it isn’t! By treating one way of eating as “the way” you’re basically saying that all other ways are ways of sinning. And if you’re not eating that certain way you’re a sinner. WHY guys?

My body is different than yours and your body is different than mine. What works for me may not work for you and vice-versa.

I tried being vegan in college, I’ve done all sorts of diet and what really works for me is clean eating. It makes me happy, I feel strong, I have energy and, most important, it’s sustainable and I like it.

It’s like working out: you’ve got to  find the joy in your own workout. So if you wake up and absolutely load your next workout like a chore, then I don’t think you should be doing it anymore. I love pilates, dance and weight lifting, but what may tickles your clock is zumba, running, yoga, crossfit. And it’s OK! The best workout is the one that you’re look for to, the one that you can stick to.

I started this fitness website to share information with you guy, with my friends. But what you will never see is that I will never impose any of my beliefs on you. Your food and the way you eat is your decision. You’ve got to just experiment and see what works and what doesn’t. Your body is pretty damn smart. If it doesn’t like something it’s gonna react negatively. If it likes something, keep doing it!

Please remember that there is not one diet that it’s perfect for all people. We’re all from different countries and cities, different families and cultures, different cells and genes. How does it make sense that we all should be eating the same thing? It doesn’t makes sense!

You have to keep in mind that nutrition is not a religion. Simply eat the healthiest way as possible that makes you happy and never impose your beliefs on somebody else. There is no one right way, there are many ways to fit and healthy!

Are people helping or hurting when they scold you for the way you eat? Please answer to this question in the comment section below and share this article with all your friends. Stay fit!

Nutrition vs Religion

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