Nails Reveal Our General Health

What Do You Know About Your Nails?

Nowadays both contemporary medicine, as well as folk medicine have gathered a lot of data about disease diagnosis taking into account the state of the nails.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has established a long time that there is a very tight functional link between nail and liver. Healthy nails are resilient and strong, smooth, pink and evenly shaped. In normal state toenails must be stronger than the nails of hands. If liver function decreases in action, nails become soft, deformed and have a very high fragility.

Lines On Fingernails Indicate Unbalanced Diet

In contemporary medicine diagnosis of a disease is possible taking into consideration changes in nail shape and relief. The horizontal lines on fingernails talk about unbalanced diet or the untreated disease on time. They can manifest when there is a change in diet. Crumbly surfaces on nails mean salt buildup.

Vertical lines on nails signals worsening digestion (excessive use of fatty acids and salt), a process that absorbs minerals and albumin very hard, and also you have deficiency of vitamin B12 and iron. May occur in this case bowel disease. Digestive function, liver and kidney function may be reduced, there may be a general fatigue.

Gnawed fingernails are a sign of nervousness, deficiency of minerals or the presence of parasites in the gut.They are a symptom of neurosis, of gastritis, of sexual dysfunction in women.

Large fingernails, curved, bulb-shaped, far exceeding the finger surface (cone-shaped nails) indicates the weakness of the heart and lungs (tuberculosis). They are a cold syndrome, lack of energy in the lungs.

A bulge at the end of the nail talking about a chronic infection of the lungs.

Concave fingernail (which is shaped like a spoon), where you can hold a drop of water, indicate iron deficiency. It is a syndrome of cold, lack of power of the lungs, but a symptom of an inherited form of alcoholism.

Indicate triangular nail disorders of the spine and spinal cord.

Nail crooked, but smooth (like a parrot’s beak) talks about innate form of asthma, about bronchitis, tuberculosis, chronic cough.

Crumbly fingernails are a sign of low iron content and vitamin A in the body, of the poor functioning of the thyroid or kidney, of a bad blood circulation.

The Crescent From The Nail And Diabetes

The large size of the crescent of the nail is related to tachycardia.

Absence of the crescent of the nail is a sign of neurosis heart, heart failure and disturbances in blood circulation.

In addition: bluish crescent talks about disturbances in liver function, red crescent is a sign of heart failure, if the crescent is separated from the other side of the nail by a horizontal line, it means that the person has diabetes. Cuticles around the nails show an albumin, vitamin C and folic acid deficiency in the body (the deficit is insufficient use of these substances or their poor assimilation).

Split nails show a low level of digestive fire, also indicate that blood flow, sexual and nervous systems are disturbed and lessen nervous reactions.

Peeling Fingernails which are a phenomenon caused by excessive consumption of fruits, juices, soft drinks, artificial products, medicines, minerals missing in the body, giving rise to an imbalance in nutrition. In this case appear indigestion, gas formation in the bowel, fatigue, irregular menstruation, sexual weakness, depression, nervousness, insomnia and other such states.

The discussion can continue for another few pages but we will stop here. It is possible that in the future to approach this topic in more details.


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