There Should Be A Laxative For Mental Blockages

There Should Be A Laxative For Mental Blockages

Similarly to a laxative that helps to flush out the toxins from our body, we also need a pill to get rid of all the negative thoughts fast.

Just think about it, instead of hours of yoga and meditation to clear your mind, you could use a small pill with an immediate effect. That would be awesome.

And I know that talking about laxatives, be it for physical or mental use, it’s kind of a tabu. But I feel I should speak my mind, so please allow me to approach this so much avoided topic.

There Should Be A Laxative For Mental Blockages

Laxatives – An Avoided Topic

It’s not the most popular word, or thing, the old laxatives. Bit of an avoided topic, really.

Generally, people associate it with something they want to avoid, uncontrolled emptying of the bowels, but it certainly serves a purpose, fulfills a need.

Although I’ve never been in a position where I had that particular need, one can imagine that there are certain points in peoples lives where the laxative is a welcome relief from a pretty bad situation.

Laxatives have been used to treat a variety of problems and are widely used in modern medicine but also in alternative medicine to treat problems that modern medical science doesn’t recognize, such as mucoid plaque.

So I don’t know if the problem we have as a species of getting blocked has always been around or if perhaps it is a relatively recent phenomenon resulting from:

  • The changing diet and lifestyle of the modern times;
  • Eating foods that we didn’t evolve to eat;
  • Leading sedentary lifestyles that don’t properly engage our bodies which, therefore, start to fail in ways that lead to blockages.

I don’t know, and it’s beyond the scope of this article for me to examine.

My point here is that we spend so much time worrying about these physical blockages that cause us discomfort but seemingly little time on the mental blockages that form in our minds due to perhaps some of the same reasons I was hinting at above.

How About Mental Blockages?

We are living in a modern world where we spend too much time looking at TV screens or worrying about our social position, what we look like, and what we are going to wear to the party need week.

These modern malaises that get the mind caught up in circular loops so that we think about the same thing, the same problem, over and over, so that we can’t push past the problem or find alternative solutions.

Our mind just keeps hammering over the same things and we get depressed because we are neglecting our mind of the things it was designed to do.

We are getting in our own way, spending too much time analyzing our thoughts and trying to find the meaning when the truth is that thoughts are supposed to come and go, some good, some bad, some important, some meaningless.

But very few people understand this. It takes conscious effort to let the mind operate the way it was born to do, the same way it takes the effort to control your physical body.

We Need A Laxative For The Mind

We spend all that time thinking about what to eat and making sure we get to the gym, but we hardly ever think about improving our mind in the same way.

So what I’m proposing, is that we need a laxative for the mind.

But isn’t that beyond the scope of medical science?

Some little drug we pop in and lay back as all those infuriating thoughts get flushed away and only the inner peace of our natural being is left behind, it would be amazing. It’s incredible that nothing like this exists already.

Some Buddhists might try to tell you that meditation practice would have a similar effect.

And by sitting still and paying attention to what is happening inside your skull you can ease the discomfort and worrying of a busy mind.

Meditation will clear up your thoughts and leave an easy path to happiness.

But really who has the time to put into all that spiritual stuff? You, I, we all have! Really! Just spend it wisely.

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