Kiwano And Pineberry | Two Exotic Fruits

Kiwano And Pineberry | Two Exotic Fruits

The Exotic Fruit Kiwano

Kiwano  is an exotic fruit also called African cucumber,  African horned cucumber or melon, jelly melon, hedged gourd, or melano, originates from southern and central Africa. The outside appearance is yellow with small thorn that have a large amount of vitamin C, inside with green. Kiwano eaten and used as decoration of fruit salad, because it has a similar taste of cucumber.

Kiwano contains vitamins and minerals especially rich in beta-carotene and calcium, low-fat fruits. This fruit is healthy for people who suffer from cardiovascular disease and obesity. It can also be used in the diet in various diseases – diabetes. It is recommended to drink kiwano juice during chemotherapy. This fruit has a large amount of water which has beneficial effects on the work of the heart muscle, helps to remove toxins from the body. The seeds of the exotic fruit contain a number of fatty acids including linoleic acid and oleic acid.

exotic fruit kiwano

The Pineberry Fruits

Pineberry is kind of strawberry but with a flavor of pineapple. This product is derived from two different types of strawberry, Fragaria chiloensis which comes from South America and Virginia strawberry which originates from North America. The juice of Pineberry is white and sometimes orange.

The fruits are smaller than strawberry and white with small and exotic smell and taste of pineapple. Thanks to the group of Dutch farmers in 2003 was saved from total extinction.

This plant gives fruit in April, is resistant to disease from one stalk born two to three strawberries.


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