10 Tips To Start A Raw Food Diet And Lose Weight

10 Tips To Start A Raw Food Diet And Lose Weight

Everybody wants to be healthy, to be happy and to lose weight. So I’m gonna share with you 10 tips on how you can start a raw food diet. I say diet, but it is actually a lifestyle. Because in order for you to be healthy and happy, vibrant and shinny, the way you wanna feel, you have to incorporate this into your lifestyle.

How To Start A Raw Food Diet

1. Stock Up On Fruits

Stock up with as many fruits and vegetables in your house as you possibly can. Eat as much fruits and as many vegetables as you possibly want. This is an unlimited lifestyle. It is a lifestyle of abundance. You don’t wanna be limiting yourself, but you wanna be free with food. So the more that you stock up your house with food, the more you you’ll be inclined to eat the food that is there.

2. Breakfast = Smoothie

Make your first meal of the day a juice or a smoothie. When you wake up, have a big glass of water, but always make your first breakfast 1-2 liters of a juice or a smoothie. This will help keep you hydrated, it will give you simple sugars from the fruits that will keep you carbed up and ready to go and it will take away that morning hunger. If you’re looking for ideas on recipes you can try my watermelon smoothies, protein smoothies or summer smoothies. There are thousands of combinations out there, you just need to start out with a juice or a smoothie.

3. Lunch = A Plateau Of Fruits

Make your second meal of the day a humongous plateau of fruits. You can eat any fruit that you want, you can eat a mixed bowl, or you can just eat a single type of fruit. But make sure that you eat enough because you wanna have enough carbohydrates to keep you filled throughout the day. If you’re worried about feeling too full, remember that your stomach is a muscle and it will expand or contract to adjust to the amount of food that you give it.

4. Dinner Has 2 Parts

Start off your dinner with a tiny plate of fruit or some type of citrusy juicy fruit because those will drain faster. Than eat the second part of the dinner wich should be a humongous rainbow salad. If you need ideas for salad you can check out my articles here: salads on FitneAss.

5. Exercise

Be sure to get in enough exercise each day to keep you hungry. You wanna keep moving, you wanna be active, you want to be healthy and happy. And it is been absolutely proven that exercise contributes to a healthy lifestyle. So if you can, get in at least 20 minutes of exercise every day.

6. Read About Raw Food Diet

Educate yourself as much as you can about eating raw. The internet is full of raw food diet websites, so be selective and learn only from the trustworthy ones. If you guys are really interested in this raw food diet and have some concerns or questions, just leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Or if your question is interesting enough I will answer to it through a new article.

7. Be Part Of A Community

Find a community of people that you can share this common passion with. Find a community that you can feel a part of it, so that you’ll have that support system behind you. This community is great when you feel like you’re going to fail, and you need somebody to uplift you or just to be there to support you.

8. Get Rest

Get plenty of rest, get plenty of sleep.When you first start eating this way, your body is going to be detoxing a lot. It’s not gonna be used to eating a lot of raw foods, so you will have perhaps some detox reactions like: flu symptoms, tiredness or you’ll feel full of energy. Whatever it may be, keep in mind that this is a restorative diet, this is a rejuvenating diet. In order to be restored to your absolute finest, you do need to get rest. So get as much sleep as your body needs, don’t limit yourself and enjoy resting.

9. Eat Your Calories

This is probably one of the most important tips on how to start a raw food diet: make sure that you’re eating enough calories. This is the number one reason why most people fail when starting a raw food diet. They think that eating 3 bananas and a salad in a day is gonna be sufficient for them. But they end up eating so little calories and feeling so tired and then they blame it on the food.

10. Be Understanding

My last and final tip is one that’s really close to my heart because not very many people will understand this. I just wanna say ” Be gentle with yourself!”. Do not be hard on yourself, be understanding. This is a journey. Yes, it is a destination, but every step that you take between here and then it’s gonna be a learning experience. It’s gonna be a growth opportunity. If you “fail” one day, use it as an opportunity to learn from it and grow.

If the raw food diet is what you want, you can do it, you can eat this way. But just understand that if you’re new to it, you want to be gentle with yourself. Don’t get discouraged, don’t get overwhelmed, and just have fun with it.

I hope that you guys found this article to be extremely helpful to you when try to learn how to start a raw food diet. Stay fit and healthy!

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