5 Productive Ways To Relax After Your Workout

5 Productive Ways To Relax After Your Workout

Looking for novel ways to relax after your workout and get productive at the same time? Here are our best tips to help you relax after a tough gym session.

Isn’t this the way that it always works? Your blood is rushing through your veins, adrenaline is pumping like there is no tomorrow, and you are ready to take on the world.

This is the aftereffects of a solid workout session but suddenly, your workout routine is done, and you are left with all of this newfound energy.

You know that if you start another workout, your muscles will hate you in the morning and you will definitely overdo it. So how can you burn off this energy in productive ways?

Is it actually possible to relax after a workout?

Relaxing after a workout is not a rare phenomenon that only exists in the fictional world of television and movies. You can relax after a workout and even channel this energy into something that is both relaxing and productive.

How is this possible? How can a person be both productive and relaxed at the same time? No worries – this is what we are going to break down today with the following helpful tips and hints of ways to relax after your workout!

How To Relax After Your Workout

Here are a few simple and productive ways to relax after your workout and let your muscles grow:

1. Yarn Work

Relax After Your Workout By Doing Yarn Work

Using yarn, wool, and thread to create an object is sadly a lost talent among many of today’s youth.

Generations have gone by used the art of knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, and simple sewing to create beautiful objects for their home (decorative wall hangings, rugs, etc.).

This increased their livelihood (fisherman stitching their nets to expand the size, durability, etc.), and helped them put food on the table and clothes on their backs (knitting wool socks, hats, and mitts while darning other people’s clothing for a small price).

There is something inherently relaxing about using your hands and imagination to create something tangible.

Not only are you exercising your brain if you engage in an activity such as this, but you are also showcasing your creative side as well.

Dexterity in your fingers is also increased as you weave through a complicated stitch (which can be hard on your hands without a doubt – try a set of ergonomic crochet hooks; click to find the top ergonomic crochet hook on the market today).

While the adrenaline from your workout is singing through your body, it is the perfect time to really dive into your project without losing steam.

2. Self-Care; Self-Love

Meditate After A Tough Workout

There is no better time than after a workout to give yourself a little bit of self-care and self-love. Ways to do include:


Set up a quiet room that is solely for your own use, dim the lights, throw on some relaxing music or keep the noise to a minimum, and indulge in a ten-minute meditation routine to lower your heart rate and reduce the adrenaline rush.

Tell yourself you are strong, you are worth it, your body is thankful for the workout, and that you are going to kick the next workouts behind.

A Hot Relaxing Bath

Use some diluted essential oils to pamper and treat yourself. Allow those sore muscles the chance to relax, untighten, and let go of all the stress and tension from the day.

Throw on a facemask, hair mask, and spend about a half an hour with your favorite book to truly unwind and pamper yourself.

Bonus? The hot steam from the bath creates a pseudo sauna atmosphere which is great for the skin, muscles, and stress.

Massage It Out

Use a handheld massager, massage chair, or a natural cork roller to work out those muscles and release those kinks before they cause full-blown problems.

3. Get Dirty

Relax By Doing Some Gardening

Head outside after a workout and spend some productive time in weeding your garden, admiring your flowers, and even watering them.

Use your post-workout energy to complete tasks that might otherwise go undone until you have more time to devote to them.

The sounds and smells of nature will relax you, seeing the products of your hard work will motivate you, and being able to breathe the fresh air into your lungs will clear your head.

Just don’t go into an intense gardening routine after a workout or you could end up doing more harm than good! Only light duties that won’t require a lot of muscle activity.

Opt for light duties that will also work as a post-workout stretch and cool down.

4. Read A Book

Read A Good Book

Laying down on your bed with your favorite book in your hands can be as rewarding as the actual workout is.

Frequent reading stimulates your brain and mind, reduces stress, and improves your memory, focus, and concentration.

So besides letting your muscles grow, by reading a good book you’ll also grow your knowledge and mental skills.

5. Play A Video Game

Play A Video Game

Honestly, is there any other way to relax after your workout as fun and entertaining as playing an online video game with your friends?

Playing a video game after your workout can help you relax and, according to Entrepreneur, “develop complex problem-solving skills, leadership skills, and the ability to deal better with unexpected consequences“.

Work Out, Relax, Repeat!

As you can see, there are ways that you can relax after a hardcore workout.

Some of these hints even incorporate a small workout within themselves which fuels those energy stores for even longer. For example, working in your garden burns calories and works muscles that your workout hasn’t even targeted.

Some people might even decide to channel their post-workout energy into a new money-making endeavor such as the crocheting.

This is a lost art form for numerous people and those who want to surround themselves and their families with natural, handmade products are willing to pay the money for those who can complete crochet projects with ease.

If you aren’t sure how to approach some of these endeavors, simply ask around to your local groups or hop on the web and search through the wide range of forums, blog sites, and even educational sites to broaden your skillset – all while relaxing after your workout, of course!

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