How To “Fake It Til You Make It” In Fitness

How To “Fake It Til You Make It” In Fitness

If you’re quite new to the whole fitness and health thing, it can be easy to feel a bit intimidated by all the expertise out there.

It seems like everyone online claims to be a fitness professional or trainer of some kind. So if you’re a beginner in a fancy gym, the easiest way to integrate is to fake it until you make it.

“Fake It Til You Make It” In Fitness

While you should always be sensible with your physical activity level and not overreach yourself, you can still “fake it til you make it” in other ways. Here are some good points to start from:

1. Look The Part

Investing in some great workout gear is not simply a vanity issue. Although it may boost our confidence a little to wear something flattering proper fitness gear supports our training. Good footwear and breathable materials are important for getting the most out of our activities and staying safe while we do it.

You want to feel confident and injury-free throughout your training, at whatever level.

Even if you are only walking short distances, it is important to listen to your body. Find durable performance wear that will support your joints and muscles.

2. Talk The Talk

It’s easy to feel a bit left out of the fitness conversation. Everyone on social media now uses hashtags and terms like “glutes”, “quads”, and “traps” that may seem meaningless to us. Don’t feel disheartened. Simply enjoy getting clued up.

A few reputable fitness magazines such as Fitneass can be a great place to start. Or even subscribing to YouTube fitness channels. Some YouTube users are fitness professionals and qualified trainers. Others are simply ordinary people documenting their fitness journey.

Find a level that suits you and watch a few videos to get up to speed. If you’re lucky enough to have your own treadmill and a mount for your TV or phone, you can catch up on a few videos while burning calories!

In no time at all, you will have developed some understanding of the terms and maybe interacted with others who are at a similar level. Invest time in your journey and enjoy the process without feeling pressured to achieve quick results. This goes for your knowledge as well as your training. Take your time.

3. Ask For Advice

This may seem like a way to make ourselves look like a novice rather than a pro! But this can be deceptive. Asking questions and swapping tips is a favorite pastime of the fitness buff. It can get a bit competitive from time to time, but it doesn’t have to.

Why not ask a fitness friend for their favorite smoothie recipe or post-workout snack? You could do a little research and create your own for a truly original topic of conversation. Being honest about your abilities can inspire others to teach and guide you too. There is no better way to seem professional and knowledgeable than to become those things for real!

Staying humble, enthusiastic, and asking questions was the way everyone had to start. You will genuinely build your knowledge and experience if you get into the habit of feeling unselfconscious when you need advice.

4. Find A Workout Buddy

Grab a friend as your workout partner, so you don’t have to do it alone. Plus, it can be really challenging if you’re a little bit competitive. If you don’t have a friend that all into fitness as you are, you can always find new fitness buddies on websites like Meetup.

5. Get Lost Into The Crowd

Whether you’re running 5 miles in your favorite park, or hitting the gym on a regular schedule, put your headphones on and forget about the rest. If you want to fake it til you make it, you need to be a little bit selfish and focus just on yourself.

So listen to your favorite song while not caring and not listening to anyone around you. The only one you need to listen to is your body; that’s it!

6. Avoid Peak Hours

Don’t like crowds? No problem, just hit the gym in the morning or during the lunchtime. These are non-peak hours when you might feel more confident with less “perfect” bodies around you. Because yes, those muscular guys and toned girls can be really intimidating if you have some extra pounds.

As you can see, you can truly fake it til you make it in fitness, just make sure you don’t get lost in the “fake it” part. Eventually, you need to make it and be into the health and fitness thing, because that’s your ultimate goal, right?!

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