Healthy Traveling Tips To Help Frequent Travelers

Healthy Traveling Tips To Help Frequent Travelers

Most fit people have a sort of love-hate relationship with holidays. On the one hand, you can’t wait to go there and enjoy yourself, stay on the beach or visit interesting sites. On the other hand, you get a little panic attack every time you realize you can’t put your gym in your travel bag.

But don’t worry, the next healthy traveling tips will maintain your level of fitness while traveling, without feeling like you’re restricting or like you’re missing any of the fun.

Healthy Traveling Tips To Stay Fit And Have Fun

1. Location, Location, Location!

The most important advice from these healthy traveling tips is to walk and visit. If you’re going to travel abroad, regardless of whether it’s business or pleasure, you absolutely must go visit. Not only will this be a unique experience, as monuments and little lovely streets are best seen live, and not on your computer screen, but also this will help you move your body without feeling like you’re working out.

Simply walking about is a very effective way of staying active (even if you’re not in a hurry when you do this), and it helps you maintain your heart rate a little bit above the average level. And of course, if you’re doing all this strolling because you want to see as much as you can in a city, or if you’re walking on a serene beach, you will probably be so distracted by the sights and the novelty of the place that you won’t even realize you’re working out and burning fat.

2. Make It Quick

If you feel like walking is not enough cardio for you, and you really want to feel like you’ve “earned your carbs” but you don’t want to spend ages working out (instead of having fun on vacation), then you have the option of trying HIIT- High Intensity Interval Trainings. They get your heart rate up quickly, helping you burn fat in no time. Try a combination of these circuits:

  • Burpees, mountain climbers and jumping jacks- three circuits of 15 reps each, and after each circuit jump rope for 3 minutes (if you don’t have a jump rope with you just pretend, the aim is to keep your heart rate elevated).
  • Jump squats, running in place, pushups- do each for 30 seconds, 4 circuits.
  • Sprint 200 meters (run as fast as you physically can), then walk 200 meters. Repeat this five times.

3.Watch Your Mouth

While part of the fun of traveling abroad is being able to try interesting cuisine, we shouldn’t turn our vacation into an excuse to overeat or to indulge in junk food. Keep in mind that abs are made in the kitchen, whether that kitchen is at home or at a foreign restaurant.

This isn’t to encourage you to restrict too much- the point of a vacation is to have fun! Just don’t go overboard, and think about how much of this stuff you would eat if it would be readily available at home. Would you eat ten croissants if you weren’t in France, or just a couple? Would you order a large pizza for yourself if you weren’t in Italy, or would you share it with your partner, and maybe have a salad side-dish of some sort?

4. Use Hotel’s Gym

And if all else fails, remember that most hotels offer the option of using their gym. This usually implies a fee, but if you want to be consistent with your weight lifting for instance it could be worth the price. Whatever you choose is perfect, as long as you remember that you’re doing this for yourself, so don’t sabotage your progress one holiday after the other.

What are your healthy traveling tips? Share your thoughts through a comment, below.

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