Healthy Meal Tips To Add Nutritional Value To Your Meals

Healthy Meal Tips To Add Nutritional Value To Your Meals

How it feels when meal you take is the complete nutrition packed meal? How it feels when your meal itself is the step towards weight loss? How it feels when your meal is complete nutrition regime? It definitely feels out of the world as you eat your every meal with the confidence that it will help you maintain or shed weight while making you healthier. So, what are these healthy meal tips that can replace your tasty and fatty food habits with equally tasty but healthy food recipes.

Healthy Meal Tips To Cut Off Calories

1. Include The Right Fat

Including fat in your each meal is inevitable and to some extent necessary too. The conventional food habits call for inclusion of butter and oil in your meals but now you have healthy fat options too. Oil cannot be completely replaced from your food but choosing the healthy oil would always help.

There are different heart healthy oils available in your neighboring grocery store and all you need to do is to explore it. These options include canola oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, soya bean oil, rice bran oil, and many other healthy oil options. Using the healthy oil packed with omega 3, MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acid), and PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acid) would reduce the associated harmful effects and increase the good cholesterol levels. Replacing the fried food with the baked version will reduce the oil content in the recipe substantially.

2. Use The Natural Sweetener

Sugar is the cause of many health issues and having more sugar in your food would damage many of your vital organs as well. Replacing sugar with natural sweetener will not just keep the taste intact but would also keep the calories in check.

When one talks about natural sweetener, honey is always at the top of the chart. Honey can be added to your breakfast or many curries and gravies to get the sweet taste while keeping the calories low. Natural fruit sugar can also be the best way to sweeten the food while enhancing the overall nutrition value. Adding the berries will increase the anti-oxidant levels of the recipe and ensure that sweet taste too!

3. Make Smart Breakfast Choices

Your health mainly depends on your food choices. Whenever you are planning your breakfast menu, try to make smart choices. Oats, eggs, cereals, and juices are always amongst these smart choices. If opting for sandwiches, then try to make them healthy by adding lots of vegetables and using the multi-grain bread. Oats have also made breakfast choice easier as you can make it the way you want and fight against the bad cholesterol and fat. Your breakfast choices may always be healthy but at the same time these food choices should meet your calorie requirements to begin the day.

4. Go For The Balanced Diet

The facts and benefits of balanced diet are taught during early school days but very few people implement it in their lives. You can make your every meal balanced by adding proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and roughage in right amount. This way you won’t neglect any of your body needs and stay healthy forever.

The above few, easy to implement, healthy meal tips will make your food choices healthy and nutrition packed while keeping your calories in check. Now, you won’t have to starve to go slim. So stay fit and healthy!

This guest article was written by Carol, who is a web journal writer. Her main writing includes junk foods and obesity topics. This article she is contributed on behalf of HCG Diet from Nutra Pure, an online store that offers HCG weight loss diet programs for weight loss seekers.

Healthy Meal Tips

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