Tips To Maintain Healthy Ears And Protect Your Hearing

Tips To Maintain Healthy Ears And Protect Your Hearing

Maintaining healthy ears is not magic, but simple everyday precautions. These six tips will help you keep your ears in perfect condition.

Are you feeling a slight pain in your ear? Or has your ear already been treated and now you’re looking to keep them healthy?

These tips will help you maintain healthy ears.

Tips For Healthy Ears

Keeping the ear healthy is very simple and you’d be surprised to know how easy maintenance could get. Don’t take those ears in perfect condition for granted too.

Here is a one-stop guide to keeping your ears in perfect condition:

1. Stop Using Cotton Swabs

Contrary to the belief that cotton swabs help keep ears clean and healthy, they do not truly keep ears healthy. Constant usage of cotton swabs damages the sensitive ear organs.

It is better to keep the natural wax within than to get your ears deteriorated. Ears are self-cleaning organs and the wax stops dust and other particles from entering the ear.

All in all, it is a benefit to you when you stop using cotton swabs.

2. Your Ears Should Be Dry

Always remember to keep your ears free of water and moisture. Dry your ears to restrict the entry of bacteria which could affect the ear canal.

Excess moisture in the ear can lead to a number of ear infections and is dangerous for hearing abilities, so coax the water out of your ear.

3. Rule For Your Headphone Usage

As a music addict, you might fancy the technology of headphones and earphones. What you don’t realize is that you are inducing ear loss for yourself.

It is okay to use earphones and headphones if you follow the 60/60 rule of listening to music at no more than 60% of volume for not more than 60 minutes a day.

4. Use Earplugs Around Loud Noises

Loud noises tend to damage the eardrum in more ways than you could imagine, so it is advisable to put on a pair of earplugs.

The earplugs allow a person to hear normal conversations and music while restricting the loud noises above a particular decibel.

5. Take Medications When Supervised Only

Ear drops are commonly available at any shop, which doesn’t give you the freedom to use it whenever.

Remember that something as delicate as your ear organs needs an expert medical advice to go ahead with medication.

A prescribed medication keeps you in the safe zone.

6. Avoid High Altitudes When You Have A Cold

Having a cold can cause an unequal pressure between the air inside the ear and the air outside, which can be very painful. It can sometimes cause a rupture of the eardrum. So it is better to avoid high altitudes during a cold.

Alternatively, you can stuff cotton balls into the ear to avoid the pressure difference. If you’re using cotton balls, make sure they are not too small to get into the eardrum and go deep in.

Take care of those ears, bearing these important points in mind. These simple measures could save the hassle of medication and maintain healthy ears.

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