5 Ingenious Hair Hacks To Run Smoothly To A Healthy And Fit You

5 Ingenious Hair Hacks To Run Smoothly To A Healthy And Fit You

We all love our hair, want to keep them from getting dry, and apply the best hair hacks and remedies to make them healthy. But when it comes to managing them during a workout, the hair can cause real trouble, especially when you leave them to their own will.

Yes! Your hair love to bounce and they can stick to your face. But let’s not worry over that anymore. These hair hacks will help you run smoothly to a healthy and fit you.

Gym Hair Hacks

Below are our top 5 hair hacks for women (and men) who want to focus on their workout, not on tying their hair.

1. Frizz And Curls

For extra frizzy and curly hairs, hairstyles can’t do it all. Even the next hair hacks we’ll cover won’t control the frizz alone.

Here’s the thing, everyone is going for natural remedies. It’s time you should use it for your health and fitness, only, not orally this time. Make a conditioner of your own. The gym routine will be regular so you can’t use chemicals.

Here’s how to do your own hair conditioner:

  1. Take a spray bottle.
  2. Fill it with 3 portions water and one portion oil of your choice (coconut or olive preferable).
  3. You can even use essential oils like lavender to add a fresh scent to your hair.
  4. Shake it well and spray it on your hair before putting on any kind of hairdo.

This conditioner will manage your frizz and curl and you will be able to concentrate on your workout.

If you have a straight hair, but want to get it curly (you’ll have a reason to create your own hair conditioner), seek no further – this list will help you choose the best curling irons for your hair type.

2. Braids

You want to keep your hair from getting into your eyes; nothing can help you like braids. There are different styles of braids that can hold your hair back, and at the same time gives you an elegant and stylish look.

Bang braids are very popular; you can start them from the front and continue towards the side. This hair hack will keep your hair away from your face during workouts.

If you want to keep your tiny little front hair from getting into your eyes, French braid is your workout hair. This braid starts from the front and makes all your hair intact.

Some of the people don’t like to pull their hair into a tight braid, they can go for a simple traditional braid or they can make fish braids depending upon their comfort and choice.

3. Buns

Buns are the ideal workout hair. They not only keep your hair from getting into your face, they also keep your neck sweat free and airy.

The ultimate favorite, when it comes to gyms, is the ballerina bun with boxer braid. The boxer braid secures your hair from the top and can be made into a bun at the end. The simple ballerina bun is quick and gives you a decent look.

Knotted Minnie Mouse buns look funky and are actually very helpful in your gym routine.

Topknot buns are also very easy to make and serve the purpose very well.

4. Ponytails

Ponytails are never out of fashion. You can carry a ponytail to any occasion. If you’ve very long hair, you can always tie them in a ponytail.

Twisted and knotted ponytails are easy and convenient. If you are good with hairstyling, a tiered ponytail can do the trick just right. It will look very stylish on you and will also keep your hair under control.

Short hair can also be kept in their place with low knot ponytails or even simple and classic ponytails. They are the best workout hair for short hair lovers.

5. Bands And Clips

For those of you who have hair shorter to be put into any kind of ponytails, there’s nothing to worry about. Head bands keep hair back from coming to your face.

Some clips and catchers are especially designed to keep short hair from getting into your face and eyes. They can come in handy during your workout session.

I encourage you to leave a comment with the hair hacks you’re using when working out. The more tips, the better!

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