Should I GO WORKOUT Today? A Self Help Guide

Should I GO WORKOUT Today? A Self Help Guide

This is a self help guide to GO WORKOUT and don’t do crazy things like e-stalking your ex or watching a three-day marathon of the Real Housewives.

Should I Go Workout Today?

Well, to answer this “tricky” question, you should ask yourself the following 10 questions:

1. Do Your Pants Make Your Butt Look Big?

YES: Well, maybe it’s time to workout.

NO: Does your tiny tush need some pumping up?

YES: Well, it’s time for a glute workout.

NO: Lucky! Go show it off at the gym!

2. Do You Remember What You Ate 3 Days Ago For Lunch?

NO: Exercise fends off memory loss. Go workout and you’ll be able to remember!

YES: Great, you passed the pop quiz. Just in case it wasn’t healthy, GO WORKOUT!

3. Does Your Week Feel Too Routine And Predictable?

NO: Sounds like you need a little structure. How about planning to work out at the same time each day?

YES: Then shake it up by throwing in some exercise to bookend or break up your workday.

4. Do You Want To Look Good Naked?

NO: Good for you! You’re more than your looks. Let’s channel that convention-bucking energy into some strength-building exercise.

YES: Well, staring at this article isn’t going to help your case. GO WORKOUT!

5. Are You Tired?

YES: Well, then you should workout! Regular exercise can help you sleep better and for now, wake you up!

NO: Are you a lazy bum?

NO: No more excuses, we want to see your tush at the studio!

YES: Stop that! Exercise can make you feel more energized. GO WORKOUT!

6. Are You Breathing?

NO: Are you a liar?

NO: Yes, you are! Five penalty points equal a workout for you!

YES: Creeeeeeeeeepy.

YES: Do you want to continue breathing?

YES: Exercise combats health conditions and diseases, which can help you live longer. Let’s GO WORKOUT!

NO: You sound depressed. Are you sad today?

NO: Stop being such a brat and playing these silly mind games! GO WORKOUT!

YES: You should workout and get some much-needed endorphins!

7. Are You In Need Of A New Party Trick?

NO: Sounds like you party a lot the… How about some exercise to flush toxins out of your body?

YES: Why not amaze your friends with a few clapping push ups? Better get training!

8. Are Your Legs Broken?

NO: Well, someone else’s are! You should go workout enough for both of you.

YES: Oh my! We’re so sorry! Take it easy…on your legs. Try doing arm exercises.

9. Do You Love Michelle Obama’s Arms?

YES: You should workout! Go get some Obama’s arms!

NO: You sound like a hater. GO WORKOUT; exercise can be an instant mood booster!

10. Are You Strapped For Time?

NO: What are you waiting for? GO WORKOUT!

YES: Well, did you have time to read this?

YES: Chances are you can squeeze in a workout too! Drop and give us 20!

NO: We beg to differ…

Should I Go Workout Today?

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