Getting Fit For The Right Reasons Infographic

Getting Fit For The Right Reasons Infographic

Going to the gym and getting fit should be something you enjoy. But often, it can be a source of anticipation, and even anxiety, due to the pressures of body image. Expectations are constant and incredibly high, particularly in a fitness setting.

Whether its the shadow of unrealistic advertising, or the influence of “gymtimidation”, it can be incredibly difficult to ignore the bodies that society expects us to aspire to.

Getting Fit Doesn’t Mean Achieving The “Perfect” Body

Both men and women feel the scrutiny of body image. However, women feel the impact more often – they are up to ten times more likely to worry about their appearance than men. When it comes to behaviour at the gym – whether its the content of your workout or the targeting of key body areas – there is a big variation between the sexes.

Demystifying these differences is fundamental to making gym environments more open and friendly to all users.

Indeed, getting fit and working out shouldn’t be a pressurised process with a narrow focus on achieving the ‘perfect’ aesthetic – health is about living well and being happy within yourself. Reaching for often unattainable ideals shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of keeping fit. Rather, it is always better to concentrate on what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it.

The benefits of building your own bespoke fitness programme are profound. If muscle bulk isn’t your chief priority, don’t waste time with weights. Plan a workout with which you feel comfortable – a strategy that will allow you to achieve the fitness goals you want to reach. Being happy with your exercise plan is also of proven benefit to your mental health.

From head to toe, fitness is about one thing – making yourself happy and keeping yourself healthy.

Want to find out more about the perception of body image and the wellness benefits of exercise? Check out this in-depth infographic about getting fit for the latest statistics:

Body Image vs Inner Wellness When Getting Fit

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