Getting Fit At Home When There’s No Time To Hit The Gym

Getting Fit At Home When There’s No Time To Hit The Gym

Oh, modern life, when will you ease up and let us all hit the gym as often as we liked and maintain a social life? Alas, too many evenings are spent choosing between the two.

If you’re working all day, it’s just not always feasible to visit the gym and have enough time to cook a healthy meal and spend time with the family.

But don’t worry because in those days when you can’t hit the gym, there’s always the back up: you can try getting fit at home.

Getting Fit At Home

Here are a few of the super simple activities you can do that’ll stop you having to decide between seeing the family and staying buff. Because getting fit at home is possible!

1. A Simple Substitute

Destress And Stretch Workout

For some people, visiting the gym is not always about trying to get big and buff. It’s about the other benefits of being active, such as improved mood, greater flexibility, and a boost of energy.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then don’t get up early to spend an hour in the gym – try stretching instead.

There are a whole host of benefits to stretching in the morning, including increased blood flow (and all the added brainpower that brings) and giving yourself a much-needed boost of energy.

2. The Equipment

Getting Fit At Home Can Be Easy

You don’t have to have space for an entire gym to have effective equipment in your home. No matter what the size of your house or apartment is, there will be equipment that is just as good as some of the stuff you’ll find in your expensive gym. And you won’t have to travel to use it, either.

Invest in the best mini stepper and you’ll have an easy-to-use machine that can be used when you’re watching television. Or you can add a pull-up bar to your door spaces and give yourself a pretty intense workout.

Both of these take up next to no space in your home, yet are effective at keeping you healthy and toned.

3. Guided Along

Getting Fit At Home With Fitness Apps

If you’re worried that you might find it all too easy to just sit on the couch instead of working out, then there’s another tool you can incorporate into your home exercise regimes. And that is technology!

There are some pretty intense equipment free guided sessions you can find on YouTube, or you can download one of the many apps that are available for smartphones.

Sometimes it just takes someone there to tell you to push it for an extra few seconds, and with these by your side, that’s just what you’ll have.

4. Going Further

Home Gym

There are ways to keep fit at the home, but it’s also possible to go further and actually substitute all that you would experience at the gym, more or less.

5. Plank

Plank Workout

Learn how to plank properly and you’ll soon discover just how difficult it is – and how effective it is at getting you fit. There are traditional planks, side planks, and other variations; mix them up with the good old push up and within a few minutes you’ll have worked up a deep sweat!

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7 years ago

These tips were very useful! Sometimes I don’t make it to the gym or the weather is too crappy to leave the house but this makes working out easier. I love doing planks, and now I can be creative with them.