3 Quick Tips On How To Get In Shape Fast

3 Quick Tips On How To Get In Shape Fast

Sometimes we find ourselves a couple of weeks before a big event, feeling like a giant beach ball. Whether you are getting ready to go to a wedding, or on vacation, or even for a photos shoot, you need some tips on how to feel and look your best quick. So here are a few tips on how to get in shape fast – keep in mind you won’t miraculously lose 10 pounds, but there are tips that can make it look like you did.

How to get in shape fast?

1. Drink a lot of water

And by a lot, I mean about a gallon a day. The reason for this is that when we eat unhealthy (and therefore start feeling like a blob) we usually don’t take care to hydrate properly. Which in turn makes us thirsty, which we confuse with being hungry, which means we eat more. To stop this process on its tracks, drink loads of water and you’ll get in shape fast.

First, this will re-hydrate your body and you will lose what is called “water weight”. That’s 2-3 pounds of water that your body has been holding on to because when you’re constantly dehydrated, your body perceives this as drought season, so it stores everything it can. If you drink water constantly you help your body realise it’s no longer draught season, so all the extra water is eliminated.

Not to mention this boosts your metabolism!

2. Weight training

Weight training can help you burn more calories than endlessly abusing the elliptical at your gym. In a 30 minutes session you can burn up to 350-400 calories if you work out intensely. My favorite thing when I’m stressed about how I look is leg day.

There are 4 simple exercises that I do for legs. This helps me feel better about myself – because yay! strong! – but it also helps me burn more. The biggest muscles in our body are in our legs. Use those, burn more calories. As your muscles grow, you need more calories to simply exist, so your metabolism is also accelerated.

3. The 2 S: Sleep + Salads

I know, I know, when you’re stressed about what you look like you don’t want to sleep, you want to work out 24/7! But believe me, when you’re tired you can be fit as hell and you still won’t look your best. So get a bit of snooze time, not only will this make you look better (especially your face and your skin overall) but it will also help your muscles regenerate after your latest workout.

And one last trick to get in shape fast: detox your body with salads. No, that doesn’t mean you need to eat “rabbit food” all day every day. Simply try to make sure that you have salad for each meal- it will help you feel less bloaty and it will give you more energy.

What are your usual quick tips for how to get in shape fast? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Get in shape fast

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