Future Food Ideas By Dr. Mehmet Oz

Future Food Ideas By Dr. Mehmet Oz

Future Food

Wondering what will be found on your plate for the next 10 or 15 years? Site of the famous Mehmet Oz reveals the 5 most types of food that will soon become part of our daily diet and can certainly be called future food.

1. Cobia Fish

Cobia fish or also known as black salmon is growing 10 times more than ordinary fish and no fish taste. According to scientists the biggest advantage is that it contains all the ingredients and healthy fat that has seafood.

future food

2. Bugs For Dinner?!

Various types of insects are on track to become the food of the future because they have little carbohydrates and are rich in fiber and protein. Worms, locusts and ants are becoming increasingly prevalent in modern kitchen around the world, so just a matter of time when we found our tables. I avoided to put pics because believe me, you don’t wanna see this kind of future food! 🙂

3. Рed Аlgae

Traditional green seafood algae are one of the primary products of Asian kitchen. However, except green algae in the world can be found red and rich in vitamin C and calcium. That is why more and more restaurants are trying more to be inserted in their menus.

future food 1

4. Vegetables In All Colors

Carrots are orange, but can also be red and purple. Brightly colored vegetables have many health benefits, so violet carrots improve memory and keep heart health. Reds turn rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that gives the red color and enhances the immune system. Violet cauliflower contains 99 percent of the daily dose of vitamin C that you need, while orange has 25 percent more vitamin A than normal.

future food 2

5. What Is Better Than Spinach?

Green plant called purslane, contains 6 times more vitamin A than spinach and 7 times more beta carotene than carrots. Salad with purslane, cream and garlic dish is ideal for the future.

future food 4

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