Frozen Fruits Or The “Fresh” Fruits In Supermarkets?

Frozen Fruits Or The “Fresh” Fruits In Supermarkets?

Frozen Fruits Vs. The “Fresh” Ones

Although you would say that fruits and vegetables neatly stacked on the shelves are much healthier than the frozen and tightly packed in bags, the truth is another. Frozen products have some advantages unmatched.

If it’s winter or if you simply do not have a market to stock up on seasonal produce , it is best to buy frozen fruits . The nutrition experts advise you after they made ​​several studies .

Frozen fruits and vegetables have a much higher level of nutrients than “fresh” , as they are frozen immediately after being picked.

On the other hand , most of the shelves are picked before they are ripe ( a minus for the nutrients ) , then shipped hundreds, thousands of kilometers to get to stores near to you . There, staying a few days on the shelves until they are purchased and consumed . At this time , they don’t have the nutritional value that should. In addition , to shine on shelves and look fresh, fruits are treated with more chemicals.

Frozen fruits and vegetables are healthier, have a higher content of vitamins and antioxidants that fight cancer (vitamin C, polyphenols, anthocyanins, lutein and beta-carotene). These substances play an important role in preventing cancer and body functioning optimally. On the other hand, frozen food does not look great, but you can cook quickly and you can enjoy all the benefits of their tasty recipes. Of course, many times you want to buy products that shine on shelves and seem fresh, but in reality many are treated with chemicals meant to “help” them to last as long on the shelf.

Researchers at the University of Chester have made an extensive study and measured the levels of nutrients in both types of products, and frozen ones came out victorious. After freshly harvested products, the frozen ones are in 2nd place.

For example, frozen broccoli have three times more lutein and two times more beta-carotene than the “fresh” broccoli.

frozen fruits vs fresh

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