Lose Weight Faster With These Fat Releasing Foods

Lose Weight Faster With These Fat Releasing Foods

Lose Weight Faster by Eating a Healthy Breakfast

Many people are tempted to skip meals when they want to lose weight faster, but that can actually cause them to retain the weight they are trying to lose.  Eating a healthy breakfast will help you lose weight because you won’t be hungry before lunch and you will be less apt to grab a snack from the vending machines on your morning coffee break.  Having a large breakfast can also help you lose more weight than just grabbing toast on the go in the morning.

Rev Up Your Metabolism

To help you lose weight faster, consume most of your calories in the morning when your metabolism works more efficiently.  While you don’t want to eat empty calories or high calorie, sugar-laden foods, having a large breakfast with a smaller lunch and even smaller dinner can help you lose weight quickly.  A study conducted in Israel showed women could lose more weight if they ate more in the mornings.

The 12-week study consisted of 74 women who all ate 1,400-calorie diets.  Half of the group at their meals with 700 calories at breakfast, 500 at lunch and 200 at dinner.  The other half of the participants did the exact opposite by eating 200-calorie breakfasts, 500 calories at lunch and 700 for dinner.  All of the diets had the same amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein in them.  After 12-weeks, the women who consumed the higher calorie count at breakfast lost two and a half times more weight than their counterparts.

Tips for Breakfast

You don’t necessarily need to start off your mornings with 700-calorie breakfasts, but you should choose foods that are high in protein in order to decrease hunger until lunchtime.  Try eating eggs, Greek yogurt or lean meats for breakfast or you might wish to consider a bowl of oatmeal because fiber will keep you fuller for longer as well.  To decrease carb cravings later in the day, you can end your breakfast with something sweet with fruit being a good option.

Take the opportunity to get a serving of vegetables in with your breakfast by adding kale or spinach to scrambled eggs.  Another alternative would be to create a mushroom, spinach and cheese omelet to pack in the protein and get a serving of dairy, along with vegetables, for breakfast.  Add lightly buttered whole wheat toast to complete a well-balanced meal that contains most of the food groups.

If you really want to lose weight faster, you should consider eating more of these fat releasing foods:

Fat Releasing Foods to Lose Weight Faster

Lose Weight Faster Infographic

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