Fibers Help You Lose Weight | Include Them In Your Diet!

Fibers Help You Lose Weight | Include Them In Your Diet!

The question I intend to answer in this article is that the fibers are useful in weight loss and what foods that contain fibers must be abundant in the diet when we want to maintain our figure.

The fibers are large carbohydrate molecules, closely related to starch, but a feature that: are not digestible by humans. In other words, the digestive tract does not have enzymes to break down the fibers into simpler compounds that can absorb them. As such, it can be seen as a neutral material to the heightened energy metabolism. Their positive action, however, is much more complex.

Types Of Dietary Fiber

We may divide fibers in insoluble fiber, such as cellulose, and soluble fiber, such as pectins and gums. The insolubles are harsh, rough, “brush” the digestive tract, forming a large bowl, less irritating and highly laxative. Not suitable for those who have ulcers, colitis or any gastrointestinal inflammation. The soluble, however, swells with water and forms a gel. And the gel is laxative, but not irritate the digestive tract, so pectins are tolerated by anyone. All fibers, soluble or not, form barriers in front of the digestive enzymes. They can not digest fats and sugars we eat, off the fibrous material. Consequently, a good portion of the calories consumed ends up unabsorbed. And how fibers are laxatives, such losses are frequent and efficient calories for those who can not abstain from food, but not want to gain weight.

A great advantage of the fibers, which makes them present including in some meal substitutes for weight loss, is that cause mechanical and chemical, a feeling of fullness that stops you from overeating.

Beats Hunger

Have you ever eaten a small burger for lunch? It does not have many calories. But it not makes you feel full. Isn’t it that when you’ve finished eating one you wanna eat another? But if the next burger (or, better, in its place) is a large salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions? There will be a lunch after which you will not be hungry at least 5 hours. Guaranteed. It’s good to see fiber as a diluent agent as of each meal, which also has positive side effects not necessarily related to diets.

Where To Find Fiber?

It’s simple: all are found only in foods of plant origin. Cereals and legumes contain them especially in their shells, so it’s better to eat them whole, shell, unrefined. If you eat peanuts, walnuts, pistachios and other fruits, do not remove the skin fibers on them. Maybe it is slightly bitter, but is full of fiber.

If fruits and vegetables, the basis of any diet, they have more fiber in peels, stems or leaves, so it is best not to clean them before consumption. Fortunately, the fibers are not inactivated by heat treatment, on the contrary, become less irritating. You can benefit from the vegetable or fruit canned or cooked. Even sugar and fruit preparations like jam preserve fibers.

Fibers At Every Meal Of The Day

Here are some suggestions of foods that contain fiber for every meal of the day to ease your task menu preparation:

– Breakfast: black bread, graham bread, muesli, dried fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables (tomato, cucumber, pepper, etc..);

– Snacks: dried fruits (figs, dates, apricots), fruits (macadamia, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, etc..), Fresh fruit, whole crackers;

– Lunch or Dinner: any vegetable, fruit, any legumes (beans, chickpeas, dried peas, beans, etc..). Preparations of whole grains (pasta grains, corn polenta from necernut, paddy rice, etc.).

I hope I’ve convinced you that the fibers are required. Remember, with fiber not only you’ll keep your figure, but you do it without any effort and without suffering from hunger.

Foods fiber content:

FoodsFibers (g/100g )
Apple with peel2.4
Dried figs9.4
Wholemeal bread4.5
Muesli with dried fruit7.5
Long-grain rice, boiled, peeled1.8
Graham crackers3
Cucumber with peel0.5
Baked eggplant2.5
Cabbage (raw)2.5
Cooked dried peas8.3
Canned beans5.5
Cooked black beans8.5
Cooked white beans10



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