Exercise Program And Tips To Stay Motivated

Exercise Program And Tips To Stay Motivated

When you are starting an exercise program you’ve got to go into it mentally ready with a plan to keep you motivated and on course! Because if you don’t start with a game plan, you’ll mostly end up overwhelmed and give up before you even break a sweat!

Staying motivated is one of the largest hurdles that people face when it comes to sticking to an exercise program, especially when just starting out. With day to day busy schedules, it’s really easy to forego working out in lieu of another task. To help you stay motivated, here are some tips to make exercise easier.

Exercise Program To Stay Motivated

1) Always keep a gym bag, packed and ready in your car. That way, you’ll never have to use the excuse “I don’t have any gym clothes” and this will also serve as a reminder to hit the gym!

2) Read up about fitness and its benefits either online or in a magazine. The more you know and learn about the advantages of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, it’ll be harder to pass up your workouts.

3) Find an accountability partner. Going to a large, intimidating gym alone can be quite daunting. Find a friend that you know already frequents the gym, and have them hold you accountable for getting up and going to work out when you say you are going to.

4) Start a fitness journal. Even if you haven’t started exercising yet, start recording your current weight and measurements. Note your fitness goals and your plan of action for achieving them. Physically writing your goals is a great way to accomplish them.

5) Start every day with positive assertions about exercise and living a healthier lifestyle,. If you are beginning your exercise routine, start out slow and gradually work your way up. The most important thing is that you see this as a lifestyle; not just a quick fix.

While exercise important is to healthy living, your diet is equally if not more essential to your health. Eating foods rich in vitamins and low in sugar, sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol will help you to lose weight and maintain it.

Source: fitness.com

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