Beat The Midday Slump: Exercise For Energy

Beat The Midday Slump: Exercise For Energy

If you need to feel energized throughout the day, put down that cup of coffee and give yourself a java-free jolt and exercise for energy.

It’s 3:30 pm, which means you’ve been at work for a while, and it’s starting to feel that way, too. What do you do?

Do you reach for a cup of coffee and hope the caffeine will power you through til 5? Nope, put down that cup of coffee and do some easy exercises to increase your energy level.

It may seem counterintuitive, especially if you’re envisioning an all-out boot camp workout or a long-distance run.

However, researchers have found time and time again that regular exercise helps to increase your energy stores over time.

5 Simple Ways To Exercise For Energy

Are you ready to try it out for yourself and cut down on a pricy coffee habit to boot? If so, here are five tips to make the transition to a healthier, more energized you as easy as possible.

These five ways to exercise for energy can easily be incorporated into a quick 30-minute break from your desk.

1. Try A New Machine

Obviously, the first place to try and exercise for energy would be at the local gym, especially if you’re already a member.

Since lunchtime is probably a popular time for other nine-to-fivers like you, prepare to forego your favorite cardio machine in favor of a more obscure choice.

The rowing machine, for example, is typically open in many gyms, and for no good reason: It burns calories just as effectively as the treadmill while working both your upper and lower body. Bam.

2. Choose To Be Free

Free weighted, that is. It’s a great idea to finesse your lunchtime workout routine so you only need one or two sets of dumbbells to get it done. Then, you can grab what you need and find an empty corner in the gym and get everything done without distraction.

Some examples of effective, compact moves include squats, deadlifts, pushups and bicep curls.

3. Hire An Expert

Perhaps those with lunch break a bit longer than 30 minutes would benefit most from a personal-training session slotted at this time. There are so many benefits to training with a professional: You have a workout tailored to you and someone watching to ensure you’re performing it safely and effectively.

Plus, if you’re paying for the sessions, you won’t find yourself skipping them often and just sitting around. In fact, more than 50 percent of surveyed workers said a lack of activity is their top complaint in the office. If you need an expert to help you get up and move, then, by all means, hire one.

4. Hit The Open Road

No matter where you work, there’s got to be roads or sidewalks outside of your office. That’s all you need to get a good 30-minute exercise session in. Start slowly by walking or bump it up to a speed walk.

Then, start to challenge yourself to higher-intensity intervals of running and walking until you’re ready for a full-on jog to fill your break time. You might just find yourself signing up for a race in a few months, all because you started strolling the sidewalks today.

5. Go In Groups

So many gyms and fitness clubs have begun to realize that people like to work out midday – perhaps they’ve read that it boosts energy, too. The realization is reflected in group fitness schedules that feature sessions held right around noon when many have a built-in break.

Check out the calendar at your local gym in order to see which classes you can attend when you’re free in the afternoon. There are many benefits to attending a group workout class, too:

There’s a very defined link between social support and exercise, so much so that every single participant in a solo workout study ended up dropping out for lack of support in the weight room. In other words, a workout class inspires you to do your best, because you’re surrounded by others doing the same.

Of course, this list isn’t an exhaustive compilation of lunchtime workouts that’ll leave you feeling energized beyond all recognition. Instead, it’s a jumping-off point for your new, healthy endeavor.

At the end of the day, you need to find what works for you and what leaves you feeling most energetic. Your body, mind, and boss will thank you for it.

Show your love and share these 5 ways to exercise for energy with your beloved friends. Stay fit!

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