Essential Kitchen Items To Prepare Healthy Food

Essential Kitchen Items To Prepare Healthy Food

If you’re somewhat serious about your fitness routine and what results you want to achieve, then you’ve probably heard this phrase before:

Abs are made in the kitchen.

It is true, and we are here to show you how to make it easier for you to get abs (or a great butt, legs, arms or chest) by easing your way into cooking healthy food. These essential kitchen items will help you stay healthy in a much easier way.

Kitchen Items You Must Have

1. Food Scale

This is not negotiable. And if you read on you won’t even try to get out of buying one of these.

They can be very, very cheap, but very, very useful. You can measure your food so you can calculate your intake, which is crucial if you want to fine-tune your diet to get to a physique you want. And also, you can use this to measure ingredients for recipes you haven’t tried before, and where you don’t find it easy to estimate the measurements by looking at that cup of flour or that spoon of coconut oil. And another reason why you need a food scale is because it helps you leave the guessing work out of portion sizes!

2. Blender

This, too, can be very cheap to buy. You only need the basics to start off with- and as you progress and get more serious with your cooking you could buy a better one. But to start with, a blender will help you make protein shakes (mmmm, bananas!), healthy superfood smoothies, and even creme-soups. This will help your cooking become a bit more interesting and varied- not to mention faster!

3. Can Opener

This is one of those small essential kitchen items that only feel super-important when you don’t have them. Remember what it was like when you had to open that can with a rusty old can opener? Exactly.

Having a good can opener can make a world of difference to those who want to eat healthy. Many healthy foods are hard to find in another form, or are more convenience to use from a can. For instance, beans take hours to boil, but they have a lot of protein, so we often go for the canned version. Same with tuna, pumpkin puree or tomato sauce.

4. Tupperware

If you want to eat healthy you must make your meals appetizing or you’ll ditch them for pizza (don’t deny this!). So sometimes it takes a bit too long to cook something that’s healthy, good looking, tasty. So most fitness enthusiasts cook one day a week, then portion their meals so they have food for the entire week. This is where this essential kitchen item comes in. Tupperware helps you portion your food, and store it in the fridge, or the freezer (for the meals at the end of the week, which can be frozen and then thawed before use).

5. Knife Set

This does not even need explaining. If you don’t have some good, quality knives, your own kitchen is going to kick you out. So invest in a few good knives and make your life easier- and therefore increase your chances of always eating healthy!

What do you consider essential kitchen items? Let us know in the comments below what kitchen item you think is vital for all your healthy cooking.

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