ED Doesn’t Have To Run Your Life, Exercise Could Be The Solution

ED Doesn’t Have To Run Your Life, Exercise Could Be The Solution

Erectile dysfunction is a crippling condition that can impact intimacy, mental health, and much more. Here’s how exercise can help you with ED.

Worse, a general silence around the subject means that embarrassment and isolation prevent individuals from ever seeking the help they need, or even understanding what they can do to help themselves.

In reality, though, ED is the most common sexual dysfunction by far and is experienced by as many as a third of men across age groups.

Understanding this can be a huge help in moving past the initial embarrassment that ED too often causes.

But it doesn’t answer the one pressing question that you’ve likely been asking yourself recently – how do you prevent ED from ruining your life?

After all, until now, you’ve likely been driven to distraction with your condition and the pressures it puts on your personal life. This fact, in itself, can lead to increased stress levels which only worsen the problem.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to cope with this alone. In fact, speaking to your doctor or doing a little research is all it takes to help you towards potentially life-changing treatments like tadalafil, which should immediately help you get your love life and general wellbeing back on track.

This is especially the case when treatments like these are paired with all-important lifestyle changes like exercise and increased activity levels, each of which can help to address ED at its roots.

ED And Exercise

Here, we’re going to consider the various ways that moving more can get ED moving. And we’re also gonna look at a few of the best exercises for helping you to tackle erectile dysfunction at long last.

1. Strengthening Your Muscles

We all know that exercise helps to tone our muscles, but few of us consider erectile dysfunction as a muscular issue.

In reality, though, ED can occur when the muscles necessary for maintaining an erection lose tone and strength. While this certainly isn’t the only or even leading cause of ED, it is a consideration worth making.

This means that exercises that work your pelvic area, including squats or Kegels, could prove surprisingly helpful in moving past this problem once and for all.

2. Eliminating Stress

Stress-induced erectile dysfunction is becoming increasingly common and is especially behind the rising trend of ED in younger men.

It’s simple – the less we feel we can switch off, the less we’re able to get in tune with our base desires.

Luckily, exercise can be a huge help here, too, as it actively reduces the amounts of stress hormones in the body by boosting feel-good hormones like endorphins.

All exercises bring these benefits to some extent, but particularly meditative options like yoga or even outdoor running are especially fantastic for helping us to unwind, and hopefully enabling us to get wound up elsewhere.

3. Addressing Underlying Health Conditions

Often, ED is a symptom of a health issue elsewhere, with common underlying causes including obesity and cardiovascular disease.

As well as reducing the risks of issues like diabetes or heart disease, exercise can therefore get right to the root of ED by improving general levels of fitness and eliminating the problem in a way that’s guaranteed to bring lasting impact.

Which Exercises Should You Consider?

To some extent, any exercise or increased movement is going to have a positive impact where erectile dysfunction is concerned. But, as touched on briefly above, certain types of exercise are better poised to dig out ED than others.

If you’re currently considering how exercise could change the course of this condition, then you could certainly benefit from zooming in on a few key exercise focuses including:

  • Pelvic floor activation exercises;
  • Pilates (knee fallouts, foot raises, pelvic curl, etc.);
  • Aerobic exercises (cycling, boxing, running, jogging, etc.);
  • Yoga (seated forward bend, plank pose, boat pose, etc).

A Final Word

Erectile dysfunction can do serious damage to your overall confidence and personal wellbeing, and it’s an issue that needn’t remain unchecked any longer.

In reality, there is a great deal that you can do to get yourself back on track, and the steps don’t need to be as difficult as you might imagine.

Obviously, you should always speak with a doctor if you fear that underlying health conditions are at play.

In a general sense, though, lifestyle changes should help you to get ED under control at last, while the perfect medication could offer some much-needed respite while you wait to feel those lasting benefits.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get moving and stop ED from ruining your life today!

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