Is Eating Vegan Actually Healthy? Why?

Is Eating Vegan Actually Healthy? Why?

Our world is so messed up that people actually question whether eating vegan is healthy or not. Since I got this question a lot in the past days, I’m excited to answer it in this article because there are tons of reasons this lifestyle (not diet) is a healthy one.

I wanna say that I believe in a raw vegan, plant-based diet. I believe in a low-fat vegan diet and in a lifestyle that focuses on consuming primarily whole fruits and vegetables in their natural state.

My belief is that a diet free of meat, dairy, salt, oil, and processed sugars is optimal. And I believe that one must also incorporate nonfood elements like exercise, laughter, meditation, self-love, and more to truly encompass a full spectrum of health and happiness.

I’ve seen a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and free of processed ingredients changing people’s lives. It’s not just a diet, it is a lifestyle. I believe in a fully raw lifestyle and in eating vegan and I believe that they are the best “diets” for our health.

That being said, I know there are so many people who are discovering this lifestyle every day, and finding the information that you need can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing.

My goal is to educate you and teach you in a way that is fun and easy to understand so that you can feel your best as well.

Eating Vegan Myths

There are a few myths that I would like to address today that have become misconceptions of those who are on this path.

Many have come to me and asked me why they still feel sick, why they aren’t seeing results and why they’re still unhappy with their physique and their diet even when they’re eating a vegan diet.

Just because it is vegan does not mean that it is healthy. Just like any other diet, there are unhealthy ways to eat vegan.

1. If It’s Vegan, It’s Healthy

WRONG! A diet rich in nutrient-dense foods like fruits and veggies with few fats and free of oils and salts is the best to help you feel your best.

There are many types of “raw junk foods” out there that have oils and salts, like nuts and seeds. And if you eat those all day without the foundation of your diet being fruits and vegetables, you aren’t gonna reap the best benefits from this lifestyle.

It’s nice every now and then to have a treat and to spoil yourself on special occasions. The focus of your diet should be whole, unprocessed fruits and vegetables.

2. For An Amazing Body, Take Out Meat And Dairy

WRONG! There’s the ethical side of being vegan, which is amazing, it’s incredible. It helps the Planet, saves the animals, and it’s good all around for everyone.

However, eating vegan just means that you’re taking meat and dairy out of your diet. A vegan diet can still include processed sugars, chemical-laden foods, package goods, fake meats, high-fat fried foods, and more.

Being vegan has become so easy because there are so many different options on the market for people to be able to eliminate animal products and still have the zest and flavors that they desire. I mean really, there is vegan bacon now, would you really ask for more?

When Eating Vegan Is Not So Healthy?

All of that is wonderful and I am in full support of people making the transition and eliminating the consumption of all animal products from their diet and their life.

However, this is not always healthy for your body. If you’re eating vegan, but you’re eating fried foods or vegan bacon and vegan microwave foods all day, let me ask you something:

Where are the whole, unprocessed fruits, and vegetables? Are you first and foremost consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables or are you doing something else?

The focus of your diet should always be optimal health. There is a healthy way to eat fully raw and to eat vegan, and there are unhealthy ways of eating this way as well.

Are you getting the results that you want on your current lifestyle? Are you happy? Those are the questions that you need to ask to further push you to be the best person you can be.

Remember that you are what you eat, what you consume dictates how you feel. When you eat life, you feel life. Eat colorful foods because they help you to feel energetic and vibrant and alive.

So my overall answer to the question “Is eating vegan healthy?” is YES, when done properly. It is healthy when the focus of your food is on whole foods, unprocessed, raw plant-based nutrition.

So all that being said you’ve heard how I feel, and I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this as well.

I know it can be a little bit controversial and I know that so many people are still transitioning and I know that many of you may have some really valuable input to share on this as well.

If you would like, please leave a comment below, and let’s get a discussion started. I think this will be very useful and very good to see for many people. Stay fit!

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