Eating Habit | Factors Which Stimulates The Appetite

Eating Habit | Factors Which Stimulates The Appetite

Eating Habit

There are many factors that control the eating habit. Feeling hungry and tend to eat too much food depends on your behavior. See what makes you eat exaggerated!

It’s one thing to eat when you feel hunger and quite another when you are craving something. Meal time is a key determinant of daily eating habits.

Here are the most important factors that stimulates appetite:

1. Meal Time

Ensuring an orderly schedule of meals, hunger will inevitably appear near the hours scheduled meal. This will help you tidy eat when you’re hungry and not exaggerate the quantities you consume. Only if skipping the usual time  you risk to eat more.

2. Fats And Fatty Foods

According to experts, fatty foods have little effect on satiety. Therefore you will be tempted to eat more fat.

3. Tasty Food

The more tasty is the food, more you’ll be tempted to eat it exaggerated. This is due to the fact that tasty foods decrease satiety and make us eat excessive amounts, warns expert.

Many commercial products contain a type of sodium most commonly used in the preparation of sausages. It tricks the brain, because when added to a product enhances its aroma and taste makes it irresistible.

4. Large Vessels

Large plates and large vessels can stimulate you to eat too much because you’ll be tempted to put in the plate more food than need. Portion size is one of the most important factors that stimulate food consumption, warns expert.

5. TV, Loneliness And Boredom

Eating in front of the television increases caloric consumption, frequency of meals, but also delay the emergence satiety. A similar effect occurs when you eat to relieve boredom or loneliness.

6. All Kinds Of Snacks Placed In The House

Easy access to all sorts of cookies, nuts, dried fruit, etc. stimulates constant pecking without being accompanied by hunger. So you eat all the time without realize the amount consumed.


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