20 Tips On How To Eat Healthy On A Low Budget

20 Tips On How To Eat Healthy On A Low Budget

This is a requested article from quite a number of you asking me how is it possible to eat healthy on a really tight budget. Let me tell you first of all that is very possible and I am just like most of you, I am living on a budget myself. You might need to do a little more planning, a little bit more research. But with all this work put into it, it will be worth it and you will be able to live healthy on a low budget.

20 Tips to eat healthy and cheap

I am gonna share with you my top 20 tips on how to eat healthy on a tight budget.

1. Forget about brands

Instead, buy generic brand or store brand. Raw food like rice, pasta, frozen vegetables taste the same just like your branded brands out there. But what you’re saving is a lot of money because you’re saving on the nice, fancy packaging from the branded brands that you get.

A marketer once told me the supermarket places the most profitable products within your eye level. So if the product is targeted at you, it will be around the middle shelves and if it’s targeted towards kids it will be at the lower shelves. Value range products, equally good quality, cheaper with less fancy packaging are placed right at the bottom.

So when you’re in the supermarket look right down. You’ll still find what you want, the same good quality, but it cost way less.

2. Buy reduced/on sale items

If you are really on a low budget, most supermarkets will reduce items which are almost expiring, sometimes even at 90%. So go to the supermarket later at night when they’re almost shutting and you will find lots of reduce items and also items on sale.

So be wise, be smart, do your research and see what items are on sale, which are healthy and you can have them as part of your daily meals. This leads to my 3rd tip:

3. Buy in bulks

If you know there’s a certain product that you like and it’s on sale with it’s half price or weather it’s “buy one and get a free one”, why not buy them in bulks and store them up?!

Also buy in larger quantities because they always cost less. If there’s something you know you’ll eat a lot, something like oats, buy them in a big package and you’ll save some good money.

4. Buy frozen vegetables and meat

I know it’s not applicable in Asia because you don’t have frozen vegetables, but if you’re in other countries buy frozen vegetables. They’re so cheap and they last for months.

If I would buy fresh vegetables, the trouble is that I would not be able to finish it on time and it will go off and therefore I will throw it away and I’ll waste my food. I prefer frozen vegetables because it’s more cheaper, it last you a long time and you are still getting all the nutrients in it. You’re not losing any nutrients.

Frozen veggies are picked and then frozen at peak ripeness. Thus, most nutritionally dense.

Eat healthy veggies

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