Dinner | What Should And What Shouldn’t Eat

Dinner | What Should And What Shouldn’t Eat

What to eat for dinner not to get fat? I think you’re often faced with this question if you follow a diet. Find out the wrong choices that you can do at the dinner table!

We know that for dinner is recommended to take a light meal with 2-3 hours before we sleep. I think it has happened many times to get home from work and take a dive on the refrigerator without to consider the time you eat, then you sit on the couch watching TV or straight to bed. You know it is not good to do that, but do not manage to gather your will and to organize yourself at dinner, preferring to eat what you can.

If you want to get results and lose weight you have to consider the healthy dinner and not overdo it. Here’s what not to eat in the evening.

Foods You Shouldn’t Eat For Dinner

1. Pasta with fatty sauces made ​​with cream, flour and bacon.
2. Fried potatoes with grilled pork and accompanied by sauces ready meshes with garlic. The beer do not even think it would work great on your menu!
3. Fatty cheese with sausages or other commercially meat products consumed white bread.
4. Sour cream with fatty meats.
5. Pizza.
6. Fast-food.
7. Sweets.
8. Chips and roasted peanuts.

What You Can Eat For Dinner

1. Fish fillet (lean chicken or beef small portion) with simply prepared vegetables (steamed, wok, grill, oven) with full-fat dressings.
2. A salad.
3. An unsweetened herbal tea and a fruit.
4. A smoothie made ​​with vegetable milk (soy, almond, shelled hemp seeds, sesame) and a banana.
5. A vegetable juice.
6. A cold tomato soup prepared with flour (mix in blender with onions, fresh tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, parsley, pepper, salt).
7. A portion of grilled vegetables sprinkled with cold pressed olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
8. Eggplant salad without mayonnaise.
9. A small portion of salad with potatoes, eggs and onion.
10. A small portion of pasta sauce with whole tomatoes, garlic and basil.
11. Vegetable soup with bread.


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