Increasing Health Concerns Amid The Epidemic

Increasing Health Concerns Amid The Epidemic

The Novel Corona Virus, or Covid-19, is profoundly affecting our lives and the risks and health concerns due to the pandemic are numerous.

It is not only concerning a single country or state, but it is now a global health hazard. The global economic shutdown, social distancing, and isolation have a significant impact on people’s lives and their psychosocial environment.

Due to these effects, many men, women, and children are coming down with mental and physical issues.

However, there is a slight advantage that now we have more time for our parents, siblings, and children. We are getting the time to develop a stronger bond with our family members.

We have the time to look into ourselves and find out who we are and what we want. But the negative impact far outweighs the positive effect.

As said earlier, people are suffering from mental health issues and other issues due to the pandemic. They suffer from anxiety, depression, lack of social interaction, disruption of daily routines, and more.

Due to these effects, we see a sudden and abrupt rise in domestic violence, substance abuse, and child maltreatment.

If this was not alarming enough, consider those who are disabled and at a clear disadvantage. It includes people with physical disabilities, mental health issues, children with special needs, and those who have been through some traumatic experiences.

Suffice it to say that The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to open a whole Pandora’s Box of health-related issues.

Every government and healthcare organization is reeling from the severe impact of the global epidemic. Even though they are doing their best in dealing with covid19, there is still a lot more that requires quick decision-making.

Health Concerns Amid The COVID Pandemic

Here are some of the health concerns that have raised their heads during the epidemic:

1. Community-Related Concerns

The risks that we have had to face are numerous and at every level; individual or otherwise.

The essential services that we were enjoying are now entirely disrupted, and we don’t know how soon they can be normalized. These services include general medical care, schools and daycares, and more.

There is also the re-organization of the hospitals as well as their staff. The relocation of experts and facilities to treat Covid19 patients in far-flung areas is also devastating people.

A lot of inpatient services, as well as day-care facilities, have been entirely or partially closed.

2. Family-Related Concerns

When we talk about the family, we are talking about a complete disruption of the healthy life that we had. Everyone’s understanding of the ordinary is different.

According to the new rules, family members are having a hard time coping with them. Add to this the stress of quarantine and the complete breakdown of social lives, and you will see a rise in stress and anxiety.

When it comes to education, many children are now free from exams. Those who are giving reviews are doing it online, which is a first for many of them.

Everybody is at home throughout the day, which increases pressure on parents. They have to take care of each other while trying to keep their jobs and businesses running.

This and more can cause many mental health issues for the entire family like anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

3. Concerns About Older People

One of the communities that are hit the hardest due to the pandemic is the older community. They had to change their entire daily routine due to the epidemic. They are spending more and more time at home by themselves.

The older they are, and the more diseases they have, the harder it is for healthcare professionals to take care of them. Even the smallest issue, such as taking medication on time, has grown into a significant problem.

They are facing not only the difficulties faced by others but also fear of uncertain death. Government organizations and private entities must create proper plans to take care of the health issues being faced by the elderly.

4. Health Concerns Related To Poor Physical Health

Another community struck by the epidemic is the people who were already suffering from some chronic disease. It could be chronic lung disease, asthma, diabetes, among various others.

According to the CDC, the chances of chronically ill patients showing signs of mental health issues are more than those of healthy individuals.

A poll found that people who suffer from some chronic diseases worry about their condition amidst the pandemic. With hospitals being accommodating fewer people, they have no idea where to go in an emergency.

There is the added stigma that if they visit a hospital, they might contract something else and be in greater peril.

The risks and concerns due to the pandemic are numerous. The social restrictions and isolation have made the situation worse for people all around the globe.

Healthcare organizations and institutes must ensure that they continue to provide exceptional healthcare to individuals and various groups during this tough time.

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