How To Control Blood Sugar Levels With Healthy Foods

How To Control Blood Sugar Levels With Healthy Foods

Depending on the food you eat, it can kill you or it can cure you. So opt for these seven foods that help control blood sugar levels.

Knowing what to eat and what not to eat is subject to debate.

However, after all, is said and done, one thing is for sure: as far as your health is concerned, is really important to control blood sugar levels.

It will ensure that you maintain a healthy weight and lower the risk of lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart attack and such. Also, cancer, which is majorly associated with high blood sugar levels, is put at bay.

What Is Blood Sugar?

Well, to help you understand, relate to this scenario:

Every day you are required to perform tasks. For you to perform effectively, you need energy. The food you eat is converted to blood sugar that the body uses as energy. So blood sugar is essential.

Problems arise when it fluctuates either to the lower side or, the higher side. Thus, the need to have controlled blood sugar levels can’t be overlooked.

Foods To Control Blood Sugar levels

These foods help control your blood sugar levels.

Top Foods That Help Control Blood Sugar Levels

The good thing is with food; you can do this with much ease. Foods that will help you control blood sugar levels include:

1. Fiber-rich Foods

Fiber is a known stabilizer of blood sugar levels. It achieves this by slowing down the absorption of glucose in the body, and in the process preventing an upsurge in blood sugar levels.

Great sources of fiber include whole grains (cereals and bread), fruits and vegetables, legumes and brown rice.

Also, fiber is excellent when you are fighting with constipation.

2. Foods full of Proteins

The thing about proteins is that they make you fuller for longer. This ensures you don’t get the urge to eat unnecessary fast carbohydrates that only relief the hunger for a while.

At the same time, the fast carbohydrates cause blood sugar levels to spike and thus should be avoided. Proteins prevent this.

Some great sources of protein include eggs, fish, lean meat, nuts and seeds, chicken, etc. Incorporating them in your diet is recommended.

Breakfast especially will require that you take enough proteins to keep you full and to burst with energy throughout the day.

3. Oatmeal

It will help you control your blood sugar as long as you don’t take the sweetened kind.

Although it’s a carbohydrate, oatmeal is packed with the loot of fiber that takes longer to digest. Unlike other carbohydrates, the slow digestion will prevent sugar spikes.

It can be used as a partial diabetes treatment (type 2) in addition to other measures such as exercise.

If you are looking to lose some weight, oatmeal is your savior.

4. Vegetables And Legumes

These non-starchy foods regulate blood sugar. In this case, we are looking at vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, and spinach.

They work great as they are loaded with fiber and are low in carbohydrates. They also contain lutein, a carotenoid that is essential for the eyes.

This is especially important for people suffering from diabetes that have eye problems as one of the complications.

Starchy foods are also essential since they provide important nutrients. However, their intake should be controlled.

5. Mushrooms And Soybeans

Eating mushrooms is always a delight. Well, you may need to add a few more servings to your diet as they contain chromium, a nutrient that promises to normalize your blood sugar levels.

It also enhances insulin production. Soybeans are also loaded with chromium.

6. Dark Chocolate

As much as it a weakness most of us tries to break from, it is important to note that dark chocolate can be used to control sugar levels.

This will, however, remain true as long as you take it in controlled amounts.

It improves insulin sensitivity, a requirement for diabetes treatment or prevention.

Also, it reduces bad cholesterol in the body and lowers the blood pressure, improving blood vessel function.

7. Vinegar

Vinegar can be used to bring down the levels of blood sugar in the body in diabetic people, or people with early signs of developing diabetes. A study by Arizona State University confirmed this.

Take two teaspoons of vinegar before meals to see the results.

All the above foods can be used to control blood sugar levels. However, no one should substitute this for medication assuming it is a diabetes treatment cure. To reverse diabetes, you need much more than food.

Also, ensure you regularly exercise for general well-being and also avoid sugary foods as they tend to cause sugar spikes. They are okay when taken once in a while as a treat but not as a daily diet.

If you have diabetes, consult your doctor on which foods will help you more.

If you enjoyed this list with healthy foods that help control blood sugar levels please share it with your friends and family. Stay fit!

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