Common Cravings And How To Deal With Them

Common Cravings And How To Deal With Them

We crave things that we know we should avoid and sometimes this leads to depriving ourselves and binging on all kind of common cravings. We should listen to some cravings because they are the body’s signal to search for nutrients it needs to operate properly.

Unfortunately, we often crave addictive foods and substances that are nonessential and often harmful to our body. Alcohol, coffee, sugar, chocolate and white flour are stimulants that make people experience food addiction.

You can feel unpleasant symptoms like depression, anxiety or even headaches when you give up these kind of addictive foods. Because a single bite of the addictive foods can alleviate the symptoms of these common cravings, it is really hard for us to avoid eating them.

Don’t forget that easily ridding yourself of the symptoms won’t reverse the addiction. The first week of a cleanse diet is harsh, but with patience these common cravings will diminish.

Biggest Culprit: White Sugar

You should already know that white sugar is the biggest culprit when it comes to cravings. It also damages your body and here is why white sugar should be avoided:

To metabolize white sugar, the body draws out the missing companion nutrients from other sources, which can be additional foods eaten during the day. If the food you’ve eaten isn’t nutritious enough, your body strips the micronutrients from its own tissues in order to metabolize the sugar.

Our body will try to flash a hunger signal to search for foods with essential nutrients, but if it doesn’t get them, it will use nutrients from it’s own reserves. The nutrients we’re gonna lose are iron, B vitamins, phosphorus and calcium.

Instead of testing different foods to find the right one to satisfy and even get rid of your cravings, check the table below that already contains this information. Find out how you can easily banish common cravings like:

  • sugar craving;
  • alcohol craving;
  • coffee craving;
  • salty foods craving;
  • dairy craving;
  • fatty foods craving.

Here is a chart with a few tips to combat common cravings: what foods to avoid, what foods to consume and some foods you should substitute.

Say NO To Common Cravings

Beat Common Cravings

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