How To Choose The Right Yoga Blanket?

How To Choose The Right Yoga Blanket?

While a yoga blanket is not a necessity to practice yoga, it’s a nice, warm, and comfortable accessory to use. Here’s why you need one!

When it comes to practicing yoga, everybody knows that you need a yoga mat. This is the basic tool you need for practicing yoga; but are there any other yoga accessories available?

Yoga blankets aren’t a new invention, but they are one that is slowly catching on.

But what is a yoga blanket, what is it used for and how do you go about choosing one? Here we find out more.

What Is A Yoga Blanket?

A yoga blanket is just that, it is a versatile blanket that can be used for your practice.

Unlike the traditional mat, they are made of fabric and are a lot softer and more malleable. We don’t recommend that you use them as your base when practicing, however.

As they are fabric, they don’t have the same non-slip properties that yoga mats have. So they are to be used in addition to the mat rather than as a mat itself.

You can use blankets for an array of things, such as keeping you warm, helping with poses, and stopping your elbows and knees from getting sore, just to name a few!

Choosing Your First Yoga Blanket

When choosing your first yoga blanket, here’s what you need to pay attention to:

1. Material

The point of a yoga blanket is to help you stay comfortable during poses. Because of this, you want something that is comfortable but retains its shape and temperature.

Cotton is the ideal material for a yoga blanket. You can easily stack it and it will form and stay in the position that you put it in.

Unlike other materials, cotton will also stop you from heating up too much. Man-made nonorganic fibers will heat up when they come into contact with your body. Not only can this become uncomfortable, but it can also make you sweat.

If you are practicing yin yoga, this isn’t what you want. You want to remain comfortable and have your temperature regulated throughout the practice.

2. Thickness

When you are choosing your blanket, you want to make sure that you are buying one that is thick enough for you.

One of the best things about yoga blankets is that they make uncomfortable poses on your knees or elbows a thing of the past.

You want to buy a yoga blanket that is thick enough in one layer so that you have the ultimate versatility. You can then fold it to make sure that your elbows and knees stay comfortable the entire practice!

3. Size

Size is another key thing to consider before you settle on your blanket. You want one that is a good thickness, but the size of it will determine how useful it is to you.

If you are doing a relaxing session, you may want to pull the blanket over you, so you stay warm.

Make sure you size them up before purchase, so you can have one that will comfortably cover your widthways and lengthways. This way, you can be sure that if you get cold you can unroll it and have it over you.

A good size will also mean that you can stack it and fold it well to help you alleviate any sore or difficult to relax spots you have.

If you are concerned that one blanket might be too big, don’t worry, there are smaller ones that are available to you as well.

Smaller blankets are ideal if you want to roll them up and put them between your shoulder blades to reduce the tension in your chest and back.

There is an array of options out there to suit everyone’s needs.

4. Support

If there are yoga poses that you aren’t quite ready to do, a yoga blanket can offer support to various parts of your body so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Look for a blanket that is versatile and easily foldable or stackable. This means that you get a blanket that you can layer and keep certain parts of your body propped up whilst you get used to the particular pose.

Cotton blankets offer amazing support, more so than fleece or other soft microfiber blankets.

This is due to how close the fibers are to one another, which makes them ideal for not only offering you the best support available but also regulating your temperature!

Wrap Up

Yoga blankets aren’t known for being the most needed yoga accessory, but they are increasing in popularity, and for good reason.

Not only do they offer you a tool that is versatile, but they also give you something that you can wrap yourself up in if you start getting cold during practice.

Yoga blankets are excellent if you need a little extra support with some positions during practice and don’t want to or can’t use a block.

A yoga blanket is stackable, foldable, and offers you a level of comfort that you won’t get from other yoga accessories on the market.

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