Chewing Gum And Beer | Enemy Of The Stomach

Chewing Gum And Beer | Enemy Of The Stomach

Beer And Chewing Gum Are Your Stomach’s Enemies

Even in the chewing gum especially for children, the producers added no less than 7-8 different chemicals, many of which are on the list of suspected or already declared as harmful. In one pill of gum you can find: E 171, E 320, E 330, E 420, E 421, E 422, E 950, E 951, E 967 and similar chemicals. People who chew gum regularly for a long time are exposed to following conditions: cholesterol (E 320), diseases of the mouth (E 330) and cancer (E 950 and E 951).

Even though many of the chewing gums are declared to be natural, most are composed from soft drinks and chemical additives. The most commonly used substance in chewing gum is citric acid (E 330) or lemon salt and sugar substitutes like aspartame. Colorants used (E 110 and E 102) are also declared toxic.

Alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine are saturated with a substance that gives clarity, but that attacks the digestive system. In the pasteurization process of the beer it’s using chemicals that can cause headaches.

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