CBD Oil For Depression And Chronic Pain

CBD Oil For Depression And Chronic Pain

CBD oil might be the solution for three major worldwide health concerns that are intricately intertwined: chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.

While it is a narrow road for health professionals to walk, there are doctors currently prescribing CBD oil for numerous illnesses.

Some of these include the discomfort of cancer, anxiety, back pain, and even cosmetic purposes such as acne. The list is much longer and growing every day.

The point is the benefit of this natural product is out there and it’s not going away.

Chronic Pain And CBD

As of 2018, there were an estimated 50 million people in the United States who suffer from chronic pain. Many of these people have conditions that have no cure.

There was a time when people could go to their doctor and he would write a prescription for opioids to cut the pain.

The doctor had been led to believe that the pills were not addictive as long as the patient truly had pain. He passed that information on to the patients.

When people started overdosing and dying on these prescribed pills, the government stepped in. The doctors were warned not to write the scripts unless they were licensed as pain doctors.

Some were eventually arrested. Many were shut down. The end result for the honest patient with Fibromyalgia, severe migraines, back pain, arthritis, or a host of other pains was no more medication.

Treatment with over the counter tablets or hot/cold compresses was often suggested. Also, the doctor could refer the patient to a pain clinic, knowing it was not appropriate for the patient with a flare of their illness.

Nowadays we don’t have to rely solely on medication and therapy to relieve chronic pain. We have a powerful tool to fight pain: CBD.

CBD means cannabidiol and it comes from the Cannabis plant. When the THC property is removed, it is probably the plant with the highest medicinal qualities we have ever found.

THC is the property that makes people high. Therefore once THC is removed, it will relieve pain, make you feel relaxed, and allow you to function as you normally would on a pain-free day.

Another perk to using CBD oil is it is not addictive. This means you can use it every time you’re in pain. But besides chronic pain, there are other diseases that can benefit from CBD, including anxiety and depression.

CBD For Depression

Depression is a global problem. Studies show that depression invades millions of lives.

People try exercising, therapy, and medication to control depression. But when a person is depressed, there is a chemical imbalance in their brain.

It can be something passed down through the family. It may be triggered by the death of a loved one or even by the birth of a child.

A doctor will usually prescribe an antidepressant for depression and the medications might work eventually. However, they must find the right dosage.

In the meantime, they prescribe an anti-anxiety medication. These medications are highly addictive and some of them are harder to get off of than street drugs.

CBD oil can treat depression, anxiety, and is non-addictive.

Using CDB products, anxiety can be calmed and pain from withdrawal is removed. This fights the body’s natural reaction which is depression.

If CBD can help you control the problems of finding an antidepressant that works or provides the non-addictive short-term help the patient needs, it is a win/win situation.

More research is needed, but so far, CBD products are coming out on top. Mood lifters, calmness, pain killers, and help with sleep. All from a nonaddictive medication.

With no THC in the product, it is fine to use a CBD rub on sore muscles while at work. CBD products will not cause failed drug tests.

Like any other product, sound judgment is required. Do not take CBD for resting, while you are tired and then get in a car to drive.

Common sense goes a long way when taking any medication, natural or otherwise.

Carefully select your CBD product and be sure you are safe when you feel its effects. You may find CBD is the medication you have always needed whether to fight depression, anxiety, or chronic pain.

Reasons To Get CBD Online

Even though we accept this product to be useful and sometimes, the only product that seems to help situations, there is still a stigma about walking into a tobacco shop or CBD counter.

Buying online removes any stigma that the buyer might have. You can safely buy CBD hemp oil here where your privacy is respected and the quality is amongst the purest.

Now that we know what CBD is and where we can get it from, let’s see why buying it online is better than going to a local shop.

Pros of buying CBD online:

  1. Buying online gives you a much larger selection.
  2. You can ask questions and read reviews before you make a purchase.
  3. The ingredients of the oils are listed.
  4. You can compare prices with several online vendors.
  5. It’s easy to get expert advice on suggestions for your problem directly from the vendor through instant chat.
  6. You can often purchase a sample size of a product before you make a large purchase.
  7. Your package comes directly to your door protecting your privacy.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain, depression, or even anxiety, CBD oil might be just the right ingredient for your cure.

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