Buttocks Muscles Workout For Sensual Moves

Use Your Buttocks Muscles For A Sensual Dance

Sensual movement of the bottom and buttocks muscles is one of the most valuable weapons of a woman when she wants to dance provocatively.

But to be able to roll that moves and to make men go crazy, take a few lessons. First, although it seems is not so when we see women who madly move the ass, buttocks muscles are very important in this type of dance.

For toning these buttocks muscles is necessary at least twice a week to do an exercise a little strange to make them be increasingly stronger and give you total control over them.

This exercise, which then become dance move involves you to sit on the butt and spread your legs as much, trying to get into the splits position, if you have enough mobility.

Then, without having to support hands down, you must contract, preferably to the music, buttocks muscles alternatively. This exercise should be done for a maximum of three minutes. After three minutes rest, your both buttocks simultaneously contract for another three minutes.

The entire operation is repeated twice in a session and this will lead to tone and total control your buttocks muscles.

The dance itself can be learned very easily. Position yourself in front of a wall and stretch your arms until you touch it with your fingertips. Unfold the legs slightly and lift the bottom up. After you do the exercise above, contract your buttocks muscles and you will notice how the entire butt lifts, just as you see the music videos.

You will also observe you tend to lose into balance. To counteract this, arch your back, place your hands on your knees and pull the bottom out. Now contract the muscles by the music rhythm and once you find a position that offers balance, start to curve your body and at the same time, use your hip movement.

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