Butt Exercises | Effective Workout For Buttocks

Butt Exercises | Effective Workout For Buttocks

Round Butt Exercises

Want to arouse envy for women and admiration of men with your short skirt that fits perfect on your butt? If your answer is positive, then all you can do is to go to work your butt out. You have to work three times a week, 5 exercises that will shape your butt as you dreamed.

1. Lie on your back with knees bent and hands on the floor. Tighten your buttocks and lift the basin, then return to starting position. Do two sets of 8 exercises each.

2. Stand up and lift the left leg up until it is parallel to the floor. Bend left knee and raise the leg as much as you can, keeping it in balance. After eight reps, change foot.

3. Sit on the floor on the knees, resting on the forearms with your back perfectly straight. Swing your right leg laterally up to 90 degrees. Do 2 sets of 8 exercises each.

4. Lie on left side and stretch your legs in front. Raise your right leg at 45 degrees and down it slowly. After 16 reps get on the right side.

5. Perform eight jumps ending in squat position, rest for a few seconds and repeat for 8 sets.

Useful Tips To Build A Round Butt

1. When waiting for the bus or subway and stand up, take the opportunity and do a little exercise: buttocks tighten and relax for 10-15 minutes, until the bus occurs.

2. If you are not accustomed to exercises you need to do warm up exercises before workout and relaxation after doing fitness exercises.

3. If the exercises 2 and 4 are too gentle, take a beg of sand for each of your feet.

4. In every weekend get out and walk with roller skates in the park.

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