10 Ways To Easily Burn Extra Calories At Work

10 Ways To Easily Burn Extra Calories At Work

Here are 10 ways you can easily burn extra calories at work. How well these suggestions apply depends on your occupation and the level of activity your job demands. But at least a few of these should apply to just everybody.

How To Burn Extra Calories At Work?

1. Walking Or Biking To Work

175 lb person buns 100 cals/mile (assuming a speed of 3mph).

If you’re too far to walk, try a bicycle.

2. Park Farther Away

You may have to drive to work, so parking in the far corner forces you to walk more.

3. Take The Stairs

160 lb person burns 5 cals/flight of stairs, so for example if you take 10 flights of stairs, you burn about 50 calories.

4. Stand Up When Possible

Standing burns more calories and increases calorie expenditure by 50% than sitting.

You can use desks that are vertically adjustable so you can stand up while you’re on your computer.

If you can’t stand, consider using:

  • Stability or balance ball which increases calories burned by 6%. You can burn an extra 100 calories per day.
  • Mini stepper which uses resistance for your legs to do work. Increase calorie burn by up to 100 per hour.

5. Wear Ankle Weights

Increase the “work” of walking and burn more calories.

If you have joint diseases, ankle joints may not be the best option for you as you could be stressing out any problems you already have.

6. Exercise During Your Lunch Break

You probably have enough time to do more than just eat, so go to gym, walk around buildings, etc.

7. Take Advantage Of Employee Fitness Benefits

Many companies have becoming more aware of the impact of a healthy lifestyle and are promoting healthy behaviours for their employees. This often includes access to gym while at work or discount at a local gym.

8. Bring Your Fitness Gear To Work

Dumbbells and/or bands are easy to carry around and keep them available at your desk. There are a lot of exercises you can do while you read an e-mail or listen to a voice mail.

9. Drink Your Coffee Black

A cup of black coffee has around 5 calories, while sugar and cream add more than 50 calories to each cup.

10. Travel For Work? Plan Ahead!

Bring your gym gear and gym clothes with you. Book a hotel with a gym or pack some resistance bands in your luggage and workout in your room.

Please share these tips with your friends if you consider they would want to burn extra calories. Stay fit!

Burn Extra Calories At Work

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