The Facts Every Gym-Goer Should Know About Body Wipes

The Facts Every Gym-Goer Should Know About Body Wipes

Body wipes have become pretty popular, no wonder that everyone is having a pack in their bags.

But there are people who are not aware of their right use and, most importantly, the impact of their use. This must be addressed first before you use them.

This is especially important for active people who go to the gym on a daily basis.

Gym Body Wipes Facts

We all love those guys who clean their seats and equipment with body wipes after their workout. Kudos to them!

What Are Body Wipes?

Body wipes are a fine preparation of non-woven wipe and a liquid part. This liquid which is actually termed as a cosmetic product cannot be used without following safety laws.

The body wipes contain moisturizers and emollients, fragrance, preservative, anti-microbial/anti-bacterial agent, and pH buffers apart from surfactants to remove the dirt.

What To Know About Body Wipes?

Here are six facts regarding body wipes every gym-goer should be aware of. Remember them when you’re at the gym.

1. All Wipes Are Not Same

Yes, different circumstances demand a different approach to cleaning, and therefore, a different type of wipes would be needed for different situations.

As a matter of fact, there are baby wipes, cosmetic wet wipes, personal care wipes, and institutional wipes.

At the gym, you will require antibacterial wipes that protect you from skin infections which are prevalent at a place like this.

2. You Can Clean Things Other Than Just The Face

Your gym managers may or may not clean the equipment to the optimum level.

The cleaning staff focuses only on the dirt and pay no attention to the sweat left after the equipment is used by another member. These may otherwise transfer infections to you. Don’t let that happen.

So what should you do? Take out your body wipes. You can clean the sides and the handles of the equipment you are going to use.

Cleaning it by yourself with a wipe containing an antiseptic ingredient is just perfect.

Other things that can be done with it are cleaning plastic mats, seats, barbells, and dumbbells.

3. They Can Be Used In Your First Aid Kit

Getting nicks and cuts here and there is pretty common in the gym and you must be used to it.

Immediately rubbing a body wipe over these will be equivalent to applying an antiseptic which forms a layer on the surface thus preventing intrusion of any foreign germ or particle.

This kind of first aid can help you in healing minor injuries quickly.

4. You Can Shower With Them, I Mean Virtually

Oh yeah, you may have to rush for a meeting and there is no time for a shower. What do you do? Take out the wipes and clean your body.

Remember, you may have to use more than one wipe. Don’t commit this mistake of using just one.

5. They Can Prevent Infections Around The Genital Area

We often wear tight clothing down under while we are working out in the gym. And we sweat a lot and do not bother much about it.

Usually, we clean our hands and arms and maybe armpits, but who cares about the intimate area. You should. Keeping it wet for long can develop infections in this area.

You don’t need a hygiene wash, just pick a wipe, clean it, change your clothes, wear something breathable and you are good to go.

6. The Most Clichéd Of All: Sweat Cleansers

Probably you know about it and make it a point to clean sweat with it because you don’t want people around to run away because of your body odor. Are you missing out something?

Yes, people you are socializing within the gym are carrying loads of germs and infectious agents on their skin which may get transferred to your skin.

Clean your hands after shaking hands with people. Even if somebody’s body gets rubbed with yours, you should clean yours with body wipes immediately.

Hopefully, these tips will help you maximize the use of body wipes at the gym. Whether you use them or not, make sure to get clean after the gym.

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