Black Spotted Bananas Are Fighting Cancer

Bananas are wonders in terms of nutrition. They are sweet and creamy, ideal for snacks between meals and perfect for maintaining long-term figure. But beyond this, black spotted bananas are much more intense.

Black Spotted Banans Instead Of Energy Drinks

“Forget energy drinks , eat a banana” is the new advice given by specialists. A study carried out on athletes and published in May this year, came out that those who ate a banana had higher levels of dopamine than those who opted for an energy drink . Moreover, dopamine levels continued to rise and an hour after . Bananas not only successfully replace the energy drinks , but he also helped them feel better.

As The Peel Is Darker, Bananas Are More Effective In Fighting Cancer

According to Japanese studies , a good banana with blemished peel , produces a substance called TNF ( tumor necrosis factor ) that kill tumor cells . As peel is darker , the stronger anti- cancer properties are and strengthening the immunity.

Black Spotted Bananas Are Excellent For Hangover

And this because are rich in potassium. Eat one before sleep or in the morning, right after you wake up and you’ll get rid of the symptoms Katzenjammer over .
Nutritionists recommend eating a banana every day .

black spotted bananas

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